09 April 2015

figma Saber 2.0

The King of Knights, joining the figma series once more!
From Fate/stay night comes an upgraded version of the ultimate servant, figma Saber!
- Good Smile Company

We take a look at the second release of figma Saber: Armor Ver. which was originally released back in year 2011. I have never owned a copy of the first release myself and will not be able to tell what is the difference but will still take a look and share what I can see with my valued readers and followers. ^^;

Photo: Cover Image of the figma Saber 2.0 Feature Article

02 March 2015

[Anime Picks] Spring 2015

The season of Spring 2015 is upon us and it is that time of the calendar again when we take a look at new Anime titles being released by fantabulous animation studios from Japan! Instead of presenting the entire list, we take a look at the top few titles that tickled our fancies and found their way inside our list of picks.

Image: Screenshot of AniChart Website (Spring 2015)

02 February 2015

Planning for the Future

As we continue to travel across the journey through life, we will eventually arrive at a crossroad where we must make difficult decisions on which direction we should be headed and what kind of folks we want to transform ourselves into at the end of the journey. Failing to plan for the future is equivalent to planning for failure.

Photo: Nendoroid Kongo sitting on her majestic chair and enjoying a drink from her tea set.

07 January 2015

Brand New Year 2015

A brand new year, a brand new beginning, and a brand new journey for everyone! We have arrived at the calendar year of 2015 and I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year! This time round, I am making a change by not setting "New Year Resolution(s)" but will be sharing my "Plans for the Year 2015" instead. ^^;

Cover Photo: Super Trees @ Gardens by the Bay , Singapore

31 December 2014

Year In Review 2014

We have come to the end of the calendar year 2014 and it is that time again when we take a look back at where we have been and what we have done thus far! The calendar year 2014 has been a rather long journey filled with great challenges and achievements, but there is also a fair share of downtime and losses that we have to accept with great humility.

Image: Photo Collage of Selected Activities in Calendar Year 2014