15 August 2016


Image: The official trademark of 「天国」 TENGOKU over a flight of stone stairs background.

「天国」 TENGOKU ('Kingdom of Heaven' in Japanese Language) is a casual and social gaming group for the lovers by the lovers of Japanese Popular Culture. Casual and social gamers from around the globe are welcomed to join the group, discuss about the Games in Play, Japanese Popular Culture, and mingle with like-minded members who share similar interests and hobbies.

18 July 2016

C3 CharaExpo 2016

Photo: The entrance of C3 CharaExpo 2016.

C3 CharaExpo 2016 is a Japanese Popular Culture convention which took place from 9 - 10 July 2016 at the Singapore Expo. Many folks made their way down to the convention to celebrate their interests and passion for Japanese Popular Culture such as Anime, Manga, Games, Cosplay, shopping for merchandises, watch performances, and many more!

20 June 2016

Funan Anime Matsuri 2016

Photo: Overview perspective of Funan Anime Matsuri 2016 in Funan DigitaLife Mall.

Funan Anime Matsuri 2016 is a Japanese Popular Culture festival which happened from 06 - 12 June 2016 at the Funan DigitaLife Mall in Singapore. Many folks from all walks of life made their way down to the event location in celebration of their love for Japanese Popular Culture. This year's festival will be the last of its series before the mall sees its closure in favour of a new 'Creative Hub' which will sit atop the exact same location.

15 June 2016

Anime Picks - Summer 2016

Image: Screenshot of the AniChart Website (Summer 2016)

We have arrived at the season of Summer 2016 and it is that time of the year again for us to take a look at new Anime releases by the awesome animation studios in Japan! The Anime titles mentioned in this feature article are all personally hand-picked by our staff and separated into two different categories: The New Entrants and The Sequels.

18 May 2016

Goddess Kiss

Goddess Kiss is a smart device game published by Flero Games for the Google Android platform as of publication time. This is a game where players collect pilot characters alongside with the mech vehicles that they operate and fight against the forces of evil through the singleplayer campaign, against other human players in the arena mode and many other game modes!