15 April 2017

Figure Picks - Spring 2017

Photo: Screenshot of the Good Smile Company (English) website captured during the period of April 2017.

For the very first time ever in the history of Project JeForceX, we are pleased to launch our Figure Picks series of feature articles which will see new entries on a seasonal basis! Similar to the Anime Picks series, we will be hand-picking our favorite Character Figure releases from our favorite manufacturer and distributor Good Smile Company.

The character figures which we have hand-picked are categorized into 'The Scale' for un-pose-able scaled figures and 'The Action' for action figures with movable joints. All of mentioned character figures are based on our very own personal preferences and not from any known public rankings or popularity among other figure collectors.

15 March 2017

Anime Picks - Spring 2017

Photo: Screenshot of the AniChart Website Landing Page for the Season of Spring 2017.

It is that time of the year again when we take a look at the next wave of Anime releases for the season of Spring 2017 from the land of the rising sun! The Anime titles which we have hand-picked are listed into 2 different categories known as 'The New Entrants' and 'The Sequels, Prequels, and Spin-Offs'. Thereafter, they are sorted by alphabetical order.

Take a look and decide which of the following titles are suitable for your tastebuds and whether to add them into your watchlist!

14 February 2017

Nihongo Master

Image: Screenshot of the Nihongo Master website landing page for non-registered users.

Nihongo Master is a web-based Japanese Language e-learning platform for English speaking users which can be easily accessed from a wide variety of devices such as desktop computers and mobile devices. The lessons can be accessed on-demand at any point of time and from anywhere which is ideal for busy working executives who are unable to attend formal and physical classroom lessons.

15 January 2017

Outlook for the Year 2017

Photo: View of the Marina Bay Financial Centre and Raffles Place Business District in Singapore from Marina Bay Sands.

A brand new year, a brand new journey, and many new plans to be materialized over the course of the calendar year 2017 for us! While many people believe in and make New Year Resolutions, we believe in making Smart Plans that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Bound instead of hopeful plans that might not work at all.

31 December 2016

Year in Review 2016

Image: Photos and graphics collage of the Project JeForceX journey through the calendar year 2016.

It is that time of the year again when we take a good look back at what we have done thus far throughout the calendar year 2016 as well as reflect on what could be done better and potential pitfalls that could be avoided through best practices.

The calendar year 2016 in general has been a pretty challenging year for us with strong headwinds and choppy waves but we are glad to have pulled through the storm. Balancing between work, play, and life is no easy feat but it will certainly benefit us in terms of Happiness & Well-Being in the long run!

28 December 2016

Interview with LeonZai

Image: Caricature of LeonZai by GUMI SG.

LeonZai is a lover of games who also does online video streaming about games. We have made special interview arrangements with him to find out more about who he is, where he came from, what he does, what are his views on certain issues, and more. Check out his correspondence to our interview questions in this feature article!