25 December 2011

The Revised Plan

Change I can, make things happen. I have decided to start writing and publishing blog posts at any point of time and whenever I am available instead of waiting for the "right" time to start blogging which will never happen. There are also some changes with the content categories that I originally planned to write. ^^;

18 December 2011

EOY 2011

EOY 2011 is a Japanese Popular Culture event that is organized for fans by fans at the end of the year in Singapore. For this year's event, Hitomi, probably the most famous maid of @Home Cafe located in Akihabara, Japan, has been invited to appear and perform during the event.

01 July 2011

Diploma in Commerce (Business Administration)

Having done badly for my studies during my early childhood days, Kaplan Singapore has opened up new paths for folks like me who fell through the cracks of the Singapore Education System and redeem themselves.

06 January 2011

The Publishing Plan

Project JeForceX will begin the publishing of Special Interest and Life Improvement articles
with effect from Monday, 02 Apr 2012.