06 January 2011

The Publishing Plan

Project JeForceX will begin the publishing of Special Interest and Life Improvement articles
with effect from Monday, 02 Apr 2012.

What Exactly Happened

It is very unfortunate that article development and publishing has to be delayed due to some problems in my life.
My long forgotten past which I have left behind has returned to haunt me in my present days.

Refusal to Study & Exercise

The days of refusing to study and exercise has brought me what I paid for ..
  • An education background without a Local Polytechnic Diploma or Local University Degree.
  • An unfit body that is not just FAT but also lack Muscular Power and Cardiovascular Endurance.

IPPT Remedial Training

Being unable to pass the annual Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT), I am required to undergo 20 sessions of compulsory Remedial Training (RT) spanning across 8 weeks as required by the Ministry of Defence (Singapore).

RT consumes a lot of precious time which actually eats into my employment schedule and free time which can be used to do much more productive things. I have no choice but to serve the requirements of RT as it is a law and there is absolutely no way to unsubscribe from it.

Part-Time Education

While working full-time to support my living expenses, I will be pursuing the Diploma in Commerce (Business Administration) offered by Kaplan Higher Education Institute on a part-time education basis to acquire knowledge on business practices.

There will be lectures, assignments, projects, presentations and examinations to be done and my schedules are going to be packed to the brim. Time management will be of paramount importance to stay organized as well as making ends meet.

Moving On

The Calendar Year 2011 will be an adventurous year of Problem Solving while the Calendar Year 2012 will be a triumphant year of Achievements for me. ^^;

While waiting for the publishing to begin, you might want to try visiting the networks and blogs which I have listed and shared at the sidebar. ^^;

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