01 July 2011

Diploma in Commerce (Business Administration)

Having done badly for my studies during my early childhood days, Kaplan Singapore has opened up new paths for folks like me who fell through the cracks of the Singapore Education System and redeem themselves.

Being armed with just a GCE 'N' Level certificate and a Nitec in Multimedia Technology awarded by the Institute of Technical Education, I am unable to pursue my dreams until the day that I decide to move on.

The Diploma in Commerce (Business Administration) offered by Kaplan Higher Education Institute is a private diploma course which can be completed in a period of 8 months. This course will provide students with the knowledge of modern business practices and prepare them for their career in the world of business.

Starting from Tuesday, 05 Jul 2011, I will be attending the course on a part-time education basis for a period of 8 months. At the end of the journey, I will be receiving my Diploma in Commerce (Business Administration) certificate awarded by Kaplan Higher Education Institute.

I have always been interested in the world of business since my early childhood days and wanted to run my own business. However, when I shared my aspirations with people, they are quick to criticize me by mentioning "you are never cut-out for business", "you are stupid", "you will never succeed", "nobody likes you" and many more of these kind of criticisms.

Because of my naivety (in the past) and fear of challenges, I believed and took their criticisms seriously. Then I created false directions for myself, pursuing careers that I think people will approve of. However, I was dead wrong! After a long journey, I am back to square one, pursuing an education and career in the world of business, the career path that I always wanted to pursue.

Moral of the Story
Pursue what you are interested and passionate about rather than following the opinions, suggestions, recommendations, guidelines, rules, regulations and criticisms set by others who do not understand a single dime about you. No one knows more or better about you than you yourself. Pursue your passion and live the dream!

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