18 December 2011

EOY 2011

EOY 2011 is a Japanese Popular Culture event that is organized for fans by fans at the end of the year in Singapore. For this year's event, Hitomi, probably the most famous maid of @Home Cafe located in Akihabara, Japan, has been invited to appear and perform during the event.

Here be the welcome banner of the event location. ^^;

Concert schedule for the event stage area.

The art group and merchandise booths.

Top-down view of the event location.

A closer view of the art group and merchandise booths.

Met comrade Esther Koh and captured a photo of her! ^^;

A clear close-up shot of Hitomi during the polaroid photoshoot session after 45 minutes of trying too hard to get a good angle. =']

Wagnaria! Character Cosplay

Meido Shoot

Hitomi on stage.

Meido group photoshoot on stage with Hitomi.

Some loots from EOY 2011. ^^;

Merchandise of Hitomi. My favorite piece is the one at the top row, middle piece. Sexy Hitomi!
Got Hitomi to autograph on one of the photos with more white spaces so that she can write more lovely notes for me! ^^;

Bought an amazing poster of Mirai Millenium by V-Frontier. ^^;

Last but not least, I received a lovely 'Friend Sign' from comrade Esther Koh for supporting her Facebook Page!
Thanks Esther and I will remember to tell you what I like in the future! ^^;

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