01 January 2012

A Brand New Year 2012

The calendar year 2012 has arrived and I would like to wish everyone, especially my readers, a very happy new year 2012! ^^;
A brand new year has just only begun and I would like to set some new year resolutions so that I can have some directions rather than being lost throughout the year and achieved nothing when it ended.

New Year Resolutions 2012
  • Graduate from Diploma in Commerce (Business Administration)
  • Fitness Management: Weight Loss to Healthy Levels
  • Commence: Japanese Language & Cultural Studies
  • Commence: Paper Crafting Hobby
  • Commence: Photography & Videography Hobby
  • Commence: Business Development

What is next?
Alrighty, now that I have set my new year resolutions for the calendar year 2012, it is time for me to move on and achieve them before the year comes to an end! ^^;

Have you set your new year resolutions yet?

1 comment:

KeruriHan said...

Happy 2012 :) its been four day since 2012 arrived:) the start of a year which also means new knowledge to be learn and new adverture to be discover :) hehe great year ahead :) looking forward to your inspiring post :)