05 March 2012

End of Kaplan Diploma Course

I have come to the end of the Diploma in Commerce (Business Administration) course which I have been pursuing @ Kaplan Higher Education Institute for the past 8 months since July 2011. It has been a long and tiring journey but I am very happy that I made it through the long and tiring journey which I thought was never possible.

Working on a full-time employment basis while studying on a part-time education basis is tough and causes strains to both my physical and psychological health! The lack of play and sleep time could drive one crazy with the amount of stress and tight deadlines that the school has set for its part-time students.

However, at the end of this tiring and painful journey, the results are very satisfying and rewarding. I have received a lot of knowledge about the business world and how to apply the principles which I have learnt into real world situations.

The results for the final examinations will only be released in about 6 weeks time and the Diploma certificate will only be awarded in about 4 months time based on the estimated date and time of delivery mentioned by the school.

I will be writing about my journey with Kaplan Higher Education Institute again when the next related event happens and when I have received my Diploma certificate. ^^;

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