30 April 2012

Anime Figure

Anime Figure is a character figurine made of plastic or other materials and based upon characters from a Japanese Anime. Instead of having to re-watch an entire Japanese Anime series just to find and glance at a specific pose of your favorite character, you can look at it all day long without the need to have a computer, electricity and internet connection.

My Very First Anime Figure
The very first Anime Figure that I bought is a Figma Fate T. Harlaown (Barrier Jacket ver.) from a local retailer known as Kurocha many years ago during mid 2008. Both the craftsmanship and paintwork of this figure is truly amazing that made me a very satisfied (first-timer) figure collector.

Since then, I started buying more and more Anime Figures (Figma Series) up till a point when I ran out of space to buy any more of these lovely cuties. =( .. Even though I have stopped buying new Anime Figures, I have not quitted at all. Some day, when I manage to optimize my personal space, I will be able to display my figures without having to worry about spaces!

Anime Figure & You
Do you buy or collect Anime Figures?
If you do, what do you have in your collection?

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