23 April 2012

Japanese Anime

Japanese Anime, also known as Japanese Animation in the English Language, are animated videos made by Japanese media production companies. Often mistaken as 'cartoon' meant for young children, Japanese Anime has a lot much more depth covering from children's show and teenagers' action blockbuster all the way to genres only suitable for adults.

My Preference of Japanese Anime Genre
I have watched every single type of Japanese Anime Genre and I prefer Japanese Anime Titles with compelling storyline accompanied by good visuals and sound effects such as Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (TV). Japanese Anime Titles without good visuals or sound effects will still fit my bill as long as it has a compelling storyline, such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica (TV).

Fashion, Style or just a Fad?
Interest in Japanese Anime became very popular during the period of 2005-2010 and its popularity began to slow down recently, especially when the Korean wave and fever hits our shores. It may just be a fad for many but it is a passion for me as I am still interested in Japanese Anime since I started this hobby in 2005.

I know of people who started watching Japanese Anime just because their friends are doing it and wanted to be 'part of the game'. And once their friends change interests, for example, towards the Korean wave and fever, they changed theirs as well.

The Verdict
Japanese Anime may not be the perfect cup of tea for everyone. Those who are there just for the sake of being there will not be there for long. Those who are passionate about Japanese Anime will continue to enjoy and might even enhance their experience by adding Anime Figures, Cosplay and Events into the list of their hobbies.

Are you passionate about Japanese Anime or just a trend follower?

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