16 April 2012

Live The Dream

Photo: Central Square of Raffles Place by Ramir Borja

Have you ever asked yourself why you are born into this world? What about the meaning of life? What is the point of living and struggling hard just to stay alive? You may have asked many people about these questions and the answers you received varies from person to person. Every individual in this world is unique and we all have our very own unique reasons for being here.

Why are you here in this world?

The answer is really simple but hard to accept. Your father mated with your mother, she got pregnant and gave birth to you.
It is nothing philosophical nor is it rocket science. It just happened. Alright, now that you are born, what is next?

The Meaning of Life

After we are born, we grow up, go to school, graduate, go to work, earn our paychecks, earn the next promotion, get married, have children, retire and finally enter the grave when our time is up. What? Is that all? What is the point of living and struggling to stay alive when you know that you will enter the grave at the end of the journey? What kind of joke is this, right?

There is actually no such thing as a pre-defined meaning in life other than to breathe, eat, drink, have fun and go to sleep. The human life has a limited lifespan just like how food products have expiry dates. Now the question is about what you will do before you enter the grave at the end of the journey.

Instead of searching aimlessly for an answer to life (which could take forever and drive you around in circles), why not create one for yourself? Life is short, the clock is always ticking (even while you are reading this feature article) and it never stops or rewinds for anyone regardless of situation or outcome.

Ask yourself, what do you really want to achieve in life before it comes to an end.

Do you have a dream?

No, I am not talking about what you saw or heard during your sleep the night before. The question is referring to where do you want to be at the end of your journey in life, what kind of person do you want to be and what would you want to do for life.

You need to create a direction for yourself so that there is something in life which you can look forward to and work towards. If you have to drag yourself to school or work every Monday morning, you are basically wasting your life doing things that you do not enjoy or provide any form of benefit to you.

When that happens, it is time for you to take a step back, look what went wrong and find out what needs to be done. A student may want to change his course of study while a working adult may want to have a change of career path.

There is no such thing as a right or wrong, best or worst career path. It all depends on what you have experienced in life, enjoyed the experiences and want to continue enjoying the experiences for the rest of your life. Money is not everything in the world and should not be your primary motivation for pursuing a particular career path.

Living The Dream

I have always wanted to become an 'Entrepreneur' and manage my very own business corporation. My journey towards my dream has just only begun after changing my course of studies from Games Design & Development to Business Administration.

I have also changed my career direction from Media Content Developer to Aspiring Entrepreneur and currently working both hard and smart towards it.

How about you? Are you currently on your way towards your dream?
Or are you currently feeling lost and need some time to decide what you really want out of life?

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