28 May 2012


Singapore, a little red dot located in the south eastern corner of Asia, is the place where I am born, raised, and residing in as at the time of writing this blog post. There are only 2 seasons in this place and they are neither of Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter, but only of either Rain or Shine.

21 May 2012

Events, Exhibitions & Conventions

Life will be very dull and boring without something out of the norm. Fortunately, the human race has invented out-of-the-norm activities known as events, exhibitions and conventions! In this blog post, I will be talking about the events, exhibitions and conventions in Singapore as well as where to find them.

14 May 2012

Games & Platforms

Games have evolved across the years, decades, and centuries! From simple social games such as Rock-Scissors-Paper, Card Games, and Board Games to Computer Games, Console Games, Handheld Games, and Mobile Games, they have evolved with the times as well as changed the way we work, play, and live forever.

07 May 2012

Anime Cosplay

Anime Cosplay, also known as 'Costume Play', is the next level of passion for Japanese Anime whereby people dress up to look like characters from anime titles. The costumes are either bought from a cosplay shop or made by themselves with their own tailoring skills. So, why do people cosplay? What is the point of doing it? What do they gain at the end of these activities?