07 May 2012

Anime Cosplay

Anime Cosplay, also known as 'Costume Play', is the next level of passion for Japanese Anime whereby people dress up to look like characters from anime titles. The costumes are either bought from a cosplay shop or made by themselves with their own tailoring skills. So, why do people cosplay? What is the point of doing it? What do they gain at the end of these activities?

Cosplay as a Hobby

When I first encountered Cosplay, Cosplayers and Cosplay Photographers, I am amazed by their creativity and passion! Being a passer-by and on-looker, I am very impressed and inspired by their works of art! Cosplay is a hobby just like sports and games. One does not get paid for Cosplaying but instead, pays to participate.

I used to have thoughts of becoming a Cosplayer myself. However, looking at the physical appearance and shape of my body, it is not going to work well and might even become an eyesore to Cosplay fans.

Fortunately for me, there is another entry route for me into the Cosplay hobby which is to become a Cosplay Photographer. With my prior knowledge, skills and experience in Photography and photo manipulation, I can still enjoy myself and become a part of this special interest hobby which the common and ordinary people are not interested in.

Cosplay as a Career

As of this date, career choices and opportunities for people who are passionate about Cosplay do exist but they are very limited. One of the most relevant examples that I know of is working at a Maid Cafe.

As the Japanese Popular Culture continues to spread throughout the world, I believe more otaku businesses will be created and there will be more career choices and opportunities available for those who are passionate.

Cosplay & You
Do you like Cosplay?
Are you a Cosplayer?
Or a Cosplay Photographer?

If not, would you like to pick up this special interest hobby?

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