21 May 2012

Events, Exhibitions & Conventions

Life will be very dull and boring without something out of the norm. Fortunately, the human race has invented out-of-the-norm activities known as events, exhibitions and conventions! In this blog post, I will be talking about the events, exhibitions and conventions in Singapore as well as where to find them.

Anime Festival Asia 2008

Anime Festival Asia is the very first local (Singapore) which I attended out of my own initiative and freedom.
(without the need for anyone to invite, accompany or drag me along).

It is organized by SOZO at the Suntec International Exhibition & Convention Centre for the Anime fans from all over the Southeast Asia region to celebrate their interest and passion for Japanese Anime, Figure, Cosplay and other categories of the Japanese Popular Culture.

Shown above is the show floor of Anime Festival Asia 2008.

More Events, Exhibitions & Conventions in Singapore

Many events, exhibitions and conventions are organized in Singapore at the Suntec International Exhibition & Convention Centre. Shown above is a screenshot of the Events Calendar page on their website.

Here you will find a list of past, present, and future events which will run in the convention centre.
Some event organizers offer Free Admission while others require a Prior Registration and/or Entry Ticket.

Events, Exhibitions & Conventions & You
Do you visit or participate in Events, Exhibitions & Conventions?
Are you looking forward to an upcoming event?
Do you prefer events with Free Admission or Restricted Admission?

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