04 June 2012

The Internet

The Internet is one of the best inventions in the world, it is a global phenomenon, and it is serious business! The Internet has changed the way we live our lives such as news, communications, work, play, and even shopping! It has since became a lot bigger, cheaper, better, and faster as time passes by and continues to grow exponentially while you are reading this!

Online News (Websites)

As many news agencies started publishing their stories online, my family has unsubscribed from the printed version (newspapers) and we are now catching the latest news on Television, Radio and on the internet. Books and magazines publishers have also taken their business online by offering e-Zines and e-Books either on their own proprietary electronic commerce stores or by partnering with internet commercial giants such as Amazon, Apple iTunes, and Google Play.

Online Communities (Forums)

Web Developers have developed Bulletin Board Systems (also known as Internet Forums) that allow users to post and share user generated content on the internet with other internet users. Many organizations have enjoyed the benefits of these technological breakthroughs to engage and keep in touch with their customers, at any time and at anywhere.

Online Personal Spaces (Blogs)

Web Developers have also developed online publishing tools known as Blogs. Internet users can create their very own personalized and customized space on the internet and start sharing user generated contents with the rest of the world or make them private for only a select few special individuals.

Online Shopping Malls (e-Commerce)

Manufacturers, distributors, retailers and merchants have also taken their businesses online by offering their goods and services through electronic commerce platforms or develop digital marketplaces on top of other existing internet technologies such as Websites, Forums, and Blogs.

Online Social Media (Micro-Blogs)

Web Developers have developed specialized internet networking technologies for people who like to keep in close touch with their family and friends while they are busy juggling between work, play and life. Online Social Media, also known as Micro-Blogs, enable internet users to share user generated content in small bite sizes without the need to have prior knowledge about how the internet works or possess good writing, editorial, and publishing skills.

The Internet & You
What do you use the internet for?
How much time do you spend on the internet per day?
What will you do when the internet goes down?

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