11 June 2012

Japanese Arts Fiesta II

Japanese Arts Fiesta II is a Japanese Cultural Event that happened on Saturday, 02 June 2012 in Singapore @ Dunman High School. There are exhibition and merchant booths that feature a variety of contents ranging from traditional japanese culture such as food and games to modern japanese contents such as Technology, Anime, Manga, and Games.

Near the main entrance of Dunman High School.

The parade square / courtyard after entering the school compound.

The Japanese Cultural Games exhibition booth.

A traditional Japanese Card Game known as Hanafuda.

A traditional Japanese Cultural Game known as Kendama.

The other Japanese Cultural Exhibition booths at the event area.

The Japanese Anime and Manga booth.

The area for merchant booths. Quite crowded at the time of the photoshoot. ^^;

Pixelated and beaded merchandise by Bit By Bead.

Visual Art Prints by a group which I did not manage to get their name. ^^;

Other merchandises offered by the same group.

The Central Garden (?) of Dunman High School.

A group of cosplayers interacting with a Professional Photographer (?) in pink top.

Cosplay but not cosplay but still a cosplay. ^^;
Original character design and development by Joy Lim.

The main stage area of the event situated in the school hall.

Freya Cosplay from the anime series Chobits in a healthy position with another cosplayer. ^^;

Hinamori Momo Cosplay from the anime series Bleach.

Kuchiki Rukia Cosplay from the anime series Bleach.

Berserker Cosplay from the anime series Fate/Zero.

Mikan (?) singing anisong on the main stage.

Mitsuki (?) singing anisong on the main stage.

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