30 July 2012

Awarded: Diploma in Commerce

Having completed the Diploma in Commerce (Business Administration) course offered by Kaplan Higher Education Institute, I am finally awarded and received the Diploma Certificate after a rather long wait since the end of the course.

Having received this Diploma Certificate, I will be able to add a new entry in the Education Background section of my resume and declare it as my Highest Level Qualification. ^^;

Very often, people will ask me whether I plan to further my studies and pursue a Bachelor's Degree after completing my Diploma course. My answer however, is not a definitive one as there are many underlying factors to consider such as time and money.

I have considered pursuing the Bachelor of Commerce in Management and Marketing offered by Kaplan Higher Education Institute and awarded by Murdoch University. Unfortunately, time and money is not on my side as I wasted my younger days on video game addiction, gluttony, isolation, and wishful daydreaming. =(

The Issue of Time
With the Ministry of Defence (Singapore) disturbing me with their regular and "compulsory" IPPT / RT / IPT / ICT call-ups, it is very difficult for me to make plans and pursue a part-time Bachelor's Degree course as the call-ups can come at any point of time regardless of whether I have any upcoming assignment submissions, presentations, or exams.

Deferment is not an option as there is very little chance of getting an approval for the reason of pursuing Part-Time Courses especially by Private Education Institutes.

The Issue of Money
Bachelor's Degree courses are not cheap either. Taking up an education loan is not a very feasible option as the liability and monthly repayment will take a toll on my personal financial position and stability for many years to come.

The Next Course of Action
As for the days to come, I will continue to work on a Full-Time Employment basis while searching for a Diploma Level Job Position that accepts my Private Diploma Qualification.

As soon as I have gathered and acquired all of the required resources for building and managing my very own business corporation, I will begin to sail full steam ahead towards the world of Entrepreneurship!


Anonymous said...

Congratulation on obtaining your certificate ( ^ ^ )/■ All the best for your career and looking forward to every of your future products and services!

Jason Wong (JeForceX) said...

Thanks for the well wishes and support! ^^;

Catherine said...

Just a quick question, does the certificate have a seal on it?

JeForceX said...

What do you think? ^^;