16 July 2012

CosFest XI

CosFest is a cosplay convention in Singapore. Hosting the Asia Cosplay Meet and the CosFest Cure Cosplay Grand Walk, it is one of the events you must come to with your friends and family. - CosFest Asia (Official)

The event venue is hosted at D'Marquee @ Downtown East, the far eastern reaches of Singapore. Even though the event venue is skewed towards the east, the event participants from all over the island still made their way there!

The field east of D'Marquee.

The field west of D'Marquee.

Inside D'Marquee, the main event venue with both the exhibitor booths and the main stage all in the same place.
I am very impressed with how the event is organized and set-up!

The main stage of CosFest XI where most of the event programmes will be held.

As the CosFest series is a cosplay-centric event, most of the contents you will see in this article will mostly be about cosplay. There are many exhibitor booths around but I was unable to capture clear photo shots of them with the humongous crowds sprawling around the area all the way till the end of the event.

Dragon Slayer Ornstein Cosplay by Mekiwates.

Male Demon Hunter Cosplayer from Diablo III by Jason Crimson.

Loki from The Avengers by Joey Angelus.

Ranka Lee Cosplay from Macross Frontier (?)

Lolita Girl Cosplay with Nekomimi.

The Cosplay of the Cosplay.
Character and Series ID anyone? >_<

Hatsune Miku (World is Mine ver.)

Game Character Cosplay from Touhou Project

Double Kashiwazaki Sena Cosplay from Haganai

Star Cosplayer KOTORI on the field!

Saber Cosplay from Fate/Extra.
The sun is blazing hot and glaring at this point of time.

My Canon EOS 600D almost got fried! D=
Kudos to the oosplayers who are able to endure the heat while in their thick costumes! ^^;

Prussia Cosplay from Axis Powers Hetalia by Starie.
She is ranked #1 on my personal cosplay charts for CosFest XI (excluding star cosplayers)!

Lenalee Cosplayer from D.Gray-man

Black Leg Sanji Cosplay from One Piece.

Nice Cosplay by ConJurer.

Cosplay group photoshoot on the main stage at the end of the event.

Project JeForceX @ CosFest XI

Shown above are my loots from CosFest XI! ^^;

They are name cards and cosplayer cards from people I have interacted with as well as a Kaname Madoka Badge which I bought from one of the exhibitors.

I had an awesome and enjoyable time @ CosFest XI! Even though it was a very tiring experience, the fatigue is well worth it as I consider the CosFest series as one of the best Cosplay Events in the history of Singapore!

CosFest XI & You
Have you attended any CosFest XI?
Are you looking forward to attend the next event by the CosFest series?

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