09 July 2012

COSMO Youth Parade 2012

COSMO Youth Parade 2012 is an annual event in Singapore which celebrates youth, arts, and the sports. There are stage performances, game booths, cosplayers posing for photographs, and a grand parade walk around the shopping district. Neneko, a popular cosplayer from Taiwan, is invited and appointed as the Cosplay Ambassador of the event.

An overview of the event venue.

Walk through the gates of the Shine Youth Festival and ignite the spirit of your youth! ^^;

The eastern side of the concert tentage with the Dell, Panasonic, Mountain Dew, and Nescafe booths.

The western side of the concert tentage with the Bags Deposit Tentage, Cosplayers' Changing Tentage, and Snacks Tentage.
There were free flows of Kit Kat, Toblerone, and Mister Potato nom noms at the Snacks Tentage.
I chose not to get any as I am still feeling full from my heavy lunch. ^^;

Inside the concert tentage are the main stage as well as a viewing gallery for the audiences.

A close-up look at the main stage. Well set-up don't you think so?

Theatrical group Fight Saber performing on stage and providing an opportunity for children to try out the look and feel of wielding a Lightsaber like a boss Jedi.

Cosplayer Neneko's appearance on the main stage.

Cosplayer Neneko posing for photographs on the main stage.

A local cosplayer in Singapore.
I wonder which Anime / Game series is this character from?

Local cosplayers in Singapore.
Character ID anyone? >_<

Futuristic Sci-Fi Trooper Armor Cosplay

Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro cosplayers battling it out in the arena!

Here we have Singa the Lion, an original mascot character created in Singapore, parading with the first few paraders during the walk along Orchard Road.

A local cosplayer in Sailor Fuku with Nekomimi walking with the other paraders along Orchard Road.

Taiwan Cosplayer Neneko walking at the front of the parade walk as we are approaching 313 Somerset @ Orchard Road.
Love her cute and cheerful facial expression! ^^;

Cosplayer ConJurer walking among the paraders.

At the end of the parade walk, I felt that I have not gotten any good shots of Cosplayer ConJurer so I made a request to have a proper photoshoot with him her. ^^;

Somewhere in the midst of the parade walk, there was a slight delay due to the traffic light and I took this golden opportunity to have a short chat with Cosplayer Jason Crimson cosplaying as the Death Knight from the Warcraft franchise.

At the end of the event, these are my loots from COSMO Youth Parade 2012.

From left to right: Neneko's DVD, The Shine Youth Festival Official Photographer's Access Pass, and Gordonator's Morning Rescue card and personal name card. There is nearly nothing available for purchase over at the event venue other than Taiwan Cosplayer Neneko's DVD and Photo Posters.

I did not expect much things to be available for purchase and did not get disappointed in any way. ^^;

COSMO Youth Parade 2012 & You
Have you participated in this mega event?
Do you look forward to another year of COSMO Youth Parade?

I am looking forward to meet you @ COSMO Youth Parade 2013!
Do remember to say 'hi' to me should we happen to bump into each other. ^^;

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