23 July 2012

The KiraCandy Project

KiraCandy is a pure girl group formed within the community (otaku, cosplayers, fangirl) who make use of their interests, passion, and talents to create fun and entertainment for the community while working towards their dreams and hopes. Using their talents, they will be creating entertaining contents, products, and services for the community. - KiraCandy

From Left to Right: Emiko & Natsumi

The KiraCandy Girls are neither performers nor idols but ordinary people with ordinary backgrounds who enjoy the contents, products, and services related to Japanese Popular Culture, just like how we do.

In the coming future, KiraCandy will be offering contents, products, and services such as themed events, card games, and also video productions to the general public.

Battle Star is the working title of KiraCandy's upcoming battle card game.

Beautiful Emiko is beautiful!

Here is a screenshot of the KiraCandy website.

Find out more about KiraCandy by visiting their website!

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