27 August 2012

[Event Guide] KiraCandy School Party

As we countdown towards the event day of KiraCandy School Party, I have developed an event guide to help everyone understand more about what you can see, do, and eat during the event.

20 August 2012

Neneko Cosplay

Neneko is a female cosplayer from Taiwan who has done a variety of Cosplay from popular Japanese Anime series such as K-ON! and Haiyore! Nyaruko-san to video games such as League of Legends and LovePlus.

13 August 2012

My Figma Collection 2012

Figma is a poseable kind of Anime Figure developed by Good Smile Company which I have been collecting over the years. However, I have slowed down on my acquisition of new Anime Figures due to time, financial, and spacial constraints. The Figma product line is my favorite kind of Anime Figure of all time as I do own other kinds of non-Figma figures.

06 August 2012

[Event Preview] KiraCandy School Party

KiraCandy School Party is a light-hearted Japanese school-themed event hosted by the KiraCandy Girls in their KiraCandy Girls’ Academy uniform. There will be selling of event coupons where event patrons can exchange the coupons bought for food, merchandises and services available at the event.

Event patrons can enjoy the food, drinks and snacks served by the lovely KiraCandy Girls, take memorable polaroid photos with them, and watch their cute and sweet performances. Other patrons can shop around for Anime, Artwork, Toy Merchandise, and exclusive KiraCandy items, and stand a chance to win great prizes in the lucky draw. Immerse yourselves in all these fun and memorable activities while giving back to society through event proceeds to a charitable organization and real beneficiaries!