27 August 2012

[Event Guide] KiraCandy School Party

As we countdown towards the event day of KiraCandy School Party, I have developed an event guide to help everyone understand more about what you can see, do, and eat during the event.

Event Layout

Shown above is the event layout of the KiraCandy School Party.
The event venue is not a humongous convention hall and I doubt anyone will lose their way while in there. ^^;

Programme Schedule

Time | Description
  • 11:00 AM | Opening of KiraCandy Event
  • 11:30 AM | Song Performance - Mikazuki
  • 12:00 PM | Intro - Mirai
  • 12:20 PM | Intro - Natsumi
  • 12:30 PM | Intro - Terumi
  • 01:00 PM | Dance Performance - Natsumi + Suzume
  • 01:30 PM | Intro - Ringo
  • 01:40 PM | Intro - Yuki
  • 02:10 PM | Song Performance - Mikazuki
  • 02:20 PM | Intro - Liy
  • 02:30 PM | Dance Performance - KiraCandy Girls
  • 02:50 PM | Song Performance - Eileen
  • 03:10 PM | Song Performance - Usagi
  • 03:20 PM | Intro - Mikazuki
  • 03:30 PM | Song Performance - Usagi & Eileen
  • 03:40 PM | Intro - Suzume
  • 04:20 PM | Song Performance by NIJI
  • 04:30 PM | Song Performance - Mikazuki
  • 04:40 PM | Intro - Reika
  • 04:50 PM | Intro - Nanami
  • 05:10 PM | Lucky Draw
  • 05:40 PM | Song Performance - Mikazuki
  • 05:50 PM | Group Photo + Closing of Event

The Art of Hand-Picking Programme Items
Programme items which are highlighted in Amber are the ones which I have personally hand-picked to grace after going through very careful considerations of deciding what is more important for me and what is not. The rest of the time will be spent on booth visits, photography, and networking.

As a well-seasoned and battle-hardened participant of events, exhibitions, and conventions, I will strongly advise everyone to hand-pick the programme items that you want to grace as it is almost impossible to enjoy every single programme item while engaging in other activities such as booth visits, photography, and networking at the same point of time.

Dine-In @ KiraCandy Mobile Cafe

Engage in Singapore's #1 sporting activity of all time which is eating / dining!
The KiraCandy Mobile Cafe will be offering delicious nom noms such as Bento, KiraCandy Themed Cupcakes, and Snacks served by the kawaii and moe KiraCandy Girls.

Play & Win @ KiraCandy Table Games

Game booths will be available during the event where you can try out your luck and win some prizes!

Special Guest Performance by Usagi & Eileen

Usagi and Eileen are local community talents who will be performing on the stage of KiraCandy School Party.

Usagi has been performing for EOY (Cosplay Event) for a few years as well as numerous local events. His stage charisma and strength in his voice makes his performance captivating and inspiring.

Like Usagi, Eileen has been performing for EOY (Cosplay Event) for a few years and also invited to perform at numerous local events. Her sweet image and voice makes her one one of our favorite community singer. Her performance is definitely not to be missed!

Type Moon 10th Anniversary Ichiban Kuji

Toy Coin will be presenting the Type Moon 10th Anniversary Ichiban Kuji at the KiraCandy School Party.
Purchase a lottery ticket, participate in the lucky dip, and win merchandises of Type Moon's Anime Titles!

Itansha by ProjS Sticker Arts

ProjS Sticker Arts will be displaying motor bikes plastered with Anime-related artworks at the KiraCandy School Party.
There will be two(2) bikes on display, one with Sheryl Nome theme, and the other with Ranka Lee theme.

KnockIce Drinks @ KiraCandy School Party

Ever seen your bottle drink turn into instant ice blend with a simple knock?
The exhibitor KnockIce will perform their magic and serve the chilled drinks to the KiraCandy Mobile Cafe guests.

Project JeForceX @ KiraCandy School Party

Project JeForceX will be participating and gracing the KiraCandy School Party event as an Official Media Partner!

If you happen to bump into me at the event grounds, feel free to chat with me about anything under the sun from Education, Career, and Business to Anime, Figure, Cosplay, Games, and Events. The only limit is your imagination! ^^;

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