01 October 2012

AsiaOne News Portal

AsiaOne is a free-access, one-stop information mall which serves the Singapore users' news, business, and lifestyle needs. Within the all-encompassing portal are unique communities where users congregate online for their various interests, debates, and discussions.

Besides accessing news and infotainment from the Singapore Press Holdings’ (SPH) suite of newspapers, AsiaOne users can engage in special interest sites which cover business, finance, motoring, technology, health, education, and many other various lifestyle topics.

The AsiaOne news portal has a summary of news articles from many different sections for first-timers or busy readers who do not have too much time on their hands to browse through every single section.

The home / front / landing page of AsiaOne can be a massive information overload especially for first-timers. As readers continue to visit and read the news articles on AsiaOne regularly, they will soon familiarize themselves with the navigation of the news portal and know where to find the stories they are interested in.

News articles may seem like they are meant for every single reader but I would beg to differ. Stories about crimes in the society and scandals amongst politicians and celebrities are not my cup of tea and I will usually skip past them as though they never existed in the first place. ^^;

The Business and ShowBiz section of the AsiaOne news portal for readers who are interested in business news as well as the latest scoops and happenings in the media industry.

The DigitalOne section provides technology news from all over the world while the Diva section provides the news articles targeted at female readers.

The Edvantage section provides the latest news of the education industry from all over the world while the Plush section provides news articles about luxury goods, services, and lifestyle.

The Relax section provides the latest news of the tourism industry from all over the world while the SoShiok.com section provides the latest news of the Food & Beverages industry, reviews, and recommendations.

AsiaOne News Portal & You
Are you a new or existing reader of AsiaOne?
How often do you visit the news portal?
What are your favorite news sections?


Sabrina said...

excuse me for contacting you via comment. :)
I was searching for a solution beacause of that sticky "error 13"-thing.
I tried to connect my blog with my domain. But it doesn't work. www.brina-bellina.de First I contacted the support-system where my domain is registered and they told me that everything is working.
As I can see - you solved the problem. Please tell me how you did it! :'D

Jason Wong (JeForceX) said...

Hi Sabrina,

Thank you for your comment! ^^;

With regard to the 'Error 13' issue for Blogger Custom Domain, it was a technical issue with my Domain Registrar and they got it fixed on their side within 24 hours.

My advice to you will be similar to what you can find on the help topics as well as product forums which is to follow the instructions and contact your Domain Registrar.

Do save a copy of that instructions page in a HTML / PDF format and then send it via e-mail to your Domain Registrar for them to follow up.