08 October 2012

Danny Choo

Danny Choo resides in Tokyo and runs a small media production company called Mirai Inc who's main focus is to share Japanese culture with the world though web, TV, mobile, print, products, and conferences.

He works with Japanese companies such as figurine manufacturers, anime/game producers, print publishers, e-commerce retailers, and the Japanese government to bridge the gap between Japan and the world by aggregating/disseminating information and providing the technical and conventional means to do so through the "Culture Japan" brand.

How I get to know about Danny Choo

On a fine day back in year 2008, I went to have a casual chat with my brother and saw him watching a video on YouTube about a guy in Storm Trooper Armor from Star Wars and happily dancing in the middle of the Shibuya Crossing (Japan). I was surprised and impressed by his courage to do something out of the norm where people would usually consider it 'crazy'.

My brother also shared with me that he has been following this guy's blog for quite some time for the photo articles of IKEA's build-it-yourself furnitures as well as Anime Figures. As a fan of Japanese Pop Culture, I also began to follow Danny Choo as a regular reader / follower.

Inspiration & Influence by Danny Choo

Danny Choo writes about his life in Japan and shares a lot of photos about his room, desk, and Anime Figures. His photos always seem to be beautiful and emanate some kind of positive magical energy which helps to brighten up my day!

I am greatly inspired and influenced by the awesome works of Danny Choo, both in Blogging and Photography. Danny Choo is one of the reasons how I got started with Blogging and Photography as well as how Project JeForceX came into existence and also adopted a similar photo article style of Blogging.

Danny Choo has a humongous collection of Anime Figures and placed them on his desks (he has many) and shelving solutions which he bought from IKEA / Amazon and built them all by himself. I am inspired and influenced to build my very own desks, shelves, and walls filled with Anime Figures and other Japanese Pop Culture goodies.

There are a lot more about Danny Choo to be written but this is the most I can write about him in a single blog article.

Connecting with Danny Choo
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