26 November 2012

Culture Japan Night (Singapore) 2012

Culture Japan Night (Singapore) 2012 is an annual community, commercial, and industrial networking event organized by comrade Danny Choo and attended by folks who share common interests and passion in Japanese Popular Culture.

There are showcase displays of merchandises developed under the Culture Japan brand.

More showcase displays of Culture Japan merchandises!

Folks who were unable to attend Anime Festival Asia 2012 or visit the Culture Japan booth will be able to purchase the merchandises right at this event.

Good Smile Company set up a showcase display of their recent and upcoming Figure products.

Owners of Dollfie Dream dolls brought their 'daughers' along, created a showcase display of their hobbies and shared their passion with other like-minded folks.

Some folks brought along their trading card games such as Weiss Schwarz to play with other like-minded folks.

The main course of this event are the talk shows. Comrade Danny Choo invited many folks from the Japanese Anime industry to share their works and experience with the audience.

Folks who are interested with working in the Japanese Anime industry can network with these industrial representatives and create new career opportunities for themselves which many would never have thought was possible!

Danny Choo, the man who inspired me to pursue my passion and live the dream, is the host of the event who made all these miracles happen and turned what seemed to be impossible into new possibilities!

Fukuoka Toshihiro shares with the audience about his past, present, and upcoming Hatsune Miku projects.

Mr Brown, the blog father of Singapore, is a special invited guest who shared his works and experience of being a true-blue Singaporean blogger with the audience.

Character: Mirai Suenaga (Winter Uniform Ver.)
Series: Mirai Millennium
Cosplayer: Esther Koh

Cosplayers from the local (Singapore) Japanese Popular Culture scene were also present at this event in their costumes.

Character: Asuna Yuuki
Series: Sword Art Online
Cosplayer: Spinelo

Character: Nekomimi French Meido
Series: Otaku Sub-Culture
Cosplayer: Terumi

Culture Japan Night (Singapore) 2012 & You
Have you attended Culture Japan Night (Singapore) 2012?
What do you enjoy doing the most in this event?
How many new friends and industrial contacts have you made?

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