19 November 2012

[Event Coverage] Anime Festival Asia (Singapore) 2012

Anime Festival Asia 2012 (AFA'12) happened on the 09 - 11 November 2012 @ The Singapore Expo Halls 8 & 9! Many exhibitors and artists came to set up their booths to offer their goods and services as well as to showcase their latest works while many visitors, cosplayers, and photographers flocked to the event grounds to grace the experience of an Anime Convention!

Visitors queuing up for entrance tickets at the ticketing booths. The queues are moving very quickly and I would like to applaud the organizer for a very good job and well done on the sales of entrance tickets as well as crowd control efforts!

The Good Smile Company booth is located right next to the Nico Nico Douga booth.

The Sword Art Online (SAO) booth is one of the biggest attraction for AFA'12 with visitors forming long snake queues to grab the merchandises. The merchandises are said to be completely sold out within the first half of Day 1!

I was looking forward to grab one of the SAO merchandises but felt that queuing for more than an hour at a convention is not really worth the time as things are moving real fast and it is not a good deal in exchange for photography opportunities.

Took a quick peek at the inside of the SAO booth as there are security personnels preventing 'unauthorized' entry.

The Tamashii Nations booth with a showcase of Anime Figures from a variety of Japanese Anime series.

A showcase of Anime Figures from popular Japanese Anime series such as One Piece, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, as well as Tiger & Bunny.

A quick look at the ToyCoin booth with a flow of heavy traffic.

A quick look at the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe and Atelier Royale Butler Cafe as formal photography is not allowed within or nearby the cafe premises.

Visitors queuing up for a first-hand experience outside the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe.
The majority are made up of the male gender.

Visitors queuing up for a first-hand experience outside the Atelier Royale Butler Cafe.
The majority are made up of the female gender.

An overview of the Culture Japan booth.

The booth is called 'Mirai Kopitiam' with a twist of local Singaporean accent.
Mirai Kopitiam = Future Coffee Shop (literally translated)

The inside of the booth looks absolutely gorgeous with the merchandise showcase!

The other Culture Japan related creations showcased in glass display cabinets.

A live demonstration of how the Moekana game is being played.

Comrade Esther cosplaying as Mirai Suenaga, the official mascot character of Culture Japan.

An overview of the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Gunpla Models showcase.

I am not an active follower of the Mobile Suit Gundam series and will not be able to identify these units.

More Gunpla Models! ^^;

More Gunpla Models with some sort of add-on units! ^^;

Character: Trafalgar Law
Series: One Piece
Cosplayer: Honghao Wind

Character: Yuki Cross
Series: Vampire Knight
Cosplayer: Stella Yuuki Heartfilia

Character: Young Walter C. Dornez
Series: Hellsing
Cosplayer: Ahiru

Character: Saber Lily
Series: Fate (Type Moon 10th Anniversary)
Cosplayer: <Unknown>

Characters: Mirai Suenaga / Haruka Suenaga / Kanata Hoshikawa
Series: Mirai Millennium
Cosplayer: Serene / Yivon / Yuki

Character: Neko & Isana Yashiro
Series: K
Cosplayers: <Unknown> & <Unknown>

Anime Festival Asia 2012 & You
Have you attended Anime Festival Asia 2012?
Which are your favorite experience zones and stage programmes?
Do you look forward to another year of Anime Festival Asia 2013?

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