05 November 2012

[Event Preview] Anime Festival Asia (Singapore) 2012

Immerse in the latest trends and content of Japanese anime and popular culture this November, as Anime Festival Asia 2012 (AFA2012) returns to Singapore. Top tier anisong artistes, the latest content and a multi-national team of maids and butlers were among the early highlights announced today, as the festival organisers gave a preview of its three-day extravaganza from 9 to 11 November. Top Japanese record labels and management companies will also set up showcases during the festival, giving visitors a holistic view of the Japanese entertainment industry's latest offerings. - Anime Festival Asia 2012

The long awaited Anime Festival Asia 2012 (AFA'12) is finally here! I am pleased to write and share my very own event preview about AFA'12, with my valued readers! Let us take a look at what is in it for AFA'12!

Event Information
Date: 09 - 11 November 2012
Time: 10AM - 8PM
Venue: Singapore Expo Halls 7 & 8

Experience Zones

  • Akiba Town (Anime Merchandise)
  • Gakuen Royale (Butler Cafe)
  • Anime KARAOKE MA'☆ (Showcase)
  • AFA Regional Cosplay Championship (Stage Programme)
  • Japan Future Entertainment (Showcase)
  • Moe Wonderland (Maid Cafe)

Highlighted in Amber are the recommended Experience Zones that one should not simply miss @ AFA'12.

Special Guests

Speakers & Seiyuu
  • Daisuke Kishio - Multi-Talented Voice Actor
  • Danny Choo - CEO of Mirai Inc & Producer of the Culture Japan Brand
  • Fumiaki Nishihara - Editor-in-Chief of Lis Ani! Magazine
  • Go Nakanishi - Anime Producer
  • Kenji Kamiyama - Director of Award-Winning Anime Series
  • Shinichiro Watanabe - Director of Anime Production
  • Sphere - Super Seiyuu Unit

  • KANAME☆ - AFA Cosplay Ambassador from Japan
  • Akatsuki Tsukasa - Cosplayer from Taiwan
  • Judy - Cosplayer from Taiwan
  • Hiko - Cosplayer from Taiwan
  • Mikoto - Cosplayer from Taiwan
  • Reika - Cosplayer from Japan

ARCC Guests
  • Clive - The Gundam Master
  • Richfield - AFA 2011 Judge & AFA Indonesia Organizer
  • Team Shikon - Cosplay Idols Team from Japan
  • Lunar Asterisk - Cosplayers from West Java

Highlighted in Amber are the recommended Special Guests that one should not simply miss @ AFA'12.

Featured Anime

  • 009 RE:CYBORG
  • Eureka Seven: AO
  • Fairy Tail - Priestess of the Phoenix (Movie)
  • K
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Naruto the Movie - Road to Ninja (Movie)

Highlighted in Amber are the recommended Featured Anime that one should not simply miss @ AFA'12.

Event Floor Plan

Take a look at the Event Floor Plan of AFA'12.
Plan your routes in advance to maximize your visit and to avoid being stuck in human traffic jams.

Click HERE for original full-size version of the Event Floor Plan.

In case you are looking for directions to the Main Stage, it is located at Hall 8 of The Singapore Expo.

Main Stage Schedule

The Main Stage Programmes are very likely to be run back-to-back and it is nearly impossible for one person to grace every single one of the Main Stage Programmes and visit the Experience Zones at the same point of time.

As I am someone who is running on a very tight schedule, I am only able to attend Day 2: Sunday of AFA'12 while looking forward to grace a multitude of Experience Zones and Main Stage Programmes within the same day of visit.

In this case, I will hand-pick the Main Stage Programmes that interests and matters the most to me while missing the others in exchange to grace the Experience Zones which interests and matters more to me.

Hand-Picked Main Stage Programmes for Day 2: Sunday
  • 04:00PM - Danny Choo
  • 04:40PM - AFA Regional Cosplay Championship (Grand Finals)

Have you developed your game plan for AFA'12? If you have not done so, I would strongly encourage you to do so as time flies very quickly especially at Anime Conventions.


Get the [Festival Only Access @ $8 per day] ticket if you are only planning to visit AFA'12 for the exhibition and cafes.
Otherwise, get the [Festival + Stage Access @ $20 per day] ticket for a complete and memorable experience.

Electric Groove - Anisong World Stage

Floor Plan for Concert Hall

Anime Festival Asia 2012 & You
Will you be attending this event?
Which of the Experience Zones are you looking forward to grace first?
Which of the Special Guests are you looking forward to meet?

More Goodness of Anime Festival Asia 2012
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