10 December 2012

Garena Carnival 2012

Garena Carnival 2012 is a game convention hosted by Garena Singapore which took place on 24 & 25 November 2012 @ Bugis+ (formerly known as iluma) in Singapore. Many like-minded folks attended the event to celebrate their interest and passion in playing games such as League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, BlackShot, and MStar.

The escalator entrance to Garena Carnival 2012. Before heading in to the event grounds, registration is required for folks who want to participate in the carnival activities and get a free stick of cotton candy.

Folks queue-ing up for registration.
Majority of the visitors appear to be males between age 13 to 17.

An express queue is set-up for folks who registered in advance and will enjoy priority access to the carnival simply by flashing the confirmation SMS which they have received from Garena Singapore.

The registration booth itself with folks who appear to be logging into their Facebook accounts. Once done, these folks will receive some goodies which will be used for the carnival activities, including a redemption coupon for a free stick of cotton candy.

Welcome to Garena Carnival 2012!
Come on in and have fun!

In the center of the carnival is a pavilion-like stage with hanging television sets feeding live broadcasts of the activities happening around the carnival.

The programme schedule for both days of the carnival, which includes game tournaments, hotdog eating competition, and community games such as BINGO and balloon drop.

The League of Legends booth where folks can play a real-life game called Teemo's Blinding Dart where a team of 3 players will hunt for Teemo in the Crystal Scar map using only champions which are pre-selected and geared by the organizing committee.

There is only a choice of Warwick, Rengar, and Vayne for hunting down Teemo.

Long queues at the Heroes of Newerth carnival booth.

Huge crowds at the BlackShot carnival booth.

Folks queue-ing up to give their hands a try at a new music/dance game known as MStar.

There is a UFO Catcher carnival booth where people can try their hands at catching a Teemo plush toy to earn stamps on their score cards. The plush toy will then be returned to its original position by the game master at the end of the session.

A close-up look at the Teemo plush toy.
Do you love him or do you love him not? ^^;

Character: Ahri
Series: League of Legends
Cosplayer: Annisa

Spotted one of the finalists for the Cosplay Competition at the carnival grounds and requested for a photoshoot! ^^;

The Garena Stadium where competitions are hosted, which also serves as a Cyber Cafe on non-competition days.

The audience are supporting their friends while enjoying the fun and excitement of the game competitions.

In between every stage programme, there is a lucky draw with attractive prizes from sponsors such as Dell, Razer, and SteelSeries. Here is one of the lucky winners to walk away with a Razer Goliathus Gaming Mouse Mat.

Garena Carnival 2012 & You
Have you attended this event?
Which are your favorite carnival activities?
Do you look forward to another year of Garena Carnival 2013?

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