24 December 2012

League of Legends Journal

I have been playing League of Legends (PC) for quite some time since I first started back during the month of August 2012 and I will be sharing my journeys and progress in the fields of justice thus far.

Reached level-30 summoner after months of continuous play with the help of some Experience Point (XP) and Influence (IP) Boosts which I received for FREE from some promotional events.

Unlocked a total of 20 champions with a mixture of Influence (IP) and Riot Point (RP) purchases.

Filled up my Rune Pages with Tier-3 Runes which costed me at least 3 cargo trucks worth of IP.

Rune Page 1 - Attack Damage / Armor / Magic Resist
Rune Page 2 - Ability Power / Magic Penetration / Mana Regeneration
Rune Page 3 - Trinity Force (Attack Damage / Ability Power / Armor / Attack Speed)

Strategically allocated my mastery points and leverage on their benefits.

Mastery Page 1 - Attacker (AD Top / AD Carry)
Mastery Page 2 - Caster (AP Mid)
Mastery Page 3 - Tanker (Malphite / Rammus)
Mastery Page 4 - Support (Sona / Soraka)
Mastery Page 5 - Jungler (Xin Zhao / Nunu)

I have selected a few champions to form up the different roles which I will play during Player vs Player (PvP) matches.


The very first 6,300 IP champion which I have unlocked during my journey in the fields of justice and he is my #1 favorite of all time for the AD Top role. I love his Hemorrhage passive skill which causes opponents to bleed over time and the Noxian Guillotine ultimate skill which is an incredibly awesome finishing move to shut down opponents who are low on health.


I am not really a fan of Ability Power Champions but Veigar is a special one which attracted my attention. His Event Horizon skill summons a huge circle which stuns any opponents who tries to move past its boundaries. It is very useful during team fights as well as trapping opponents who are trying to flee from battle.


The second 6,300 IP Champion which I have unlocked for the AD Carry role after using Caitlyn for quite some time as do not really like her hideous and dodgy play style.

I prefer a more aggressive and destructive play style of carrying my team to victory using Buckshot, Smoke Screen, and Collateral Damage which deals a lot of Area of Effect (AoE) damage to multiple foes at the same point of time.

Xin Zhao

The very first 3,150 IP champion which I unlocked for the AD Top role and subsequently used it for the Jungler role based on feedback and advice I received from the community. This champion has a lot of burst damage (Three Talon Strike) and a movement attack skill (Audacious Charge) which are very good for ganking and ambushing unsuspecting opponents.


This is my #1 favorite champion of all time for the support role. Her skills can help team members rule the fields of justice by providing passive buffs which increases their attack damage, defense, movement speed, and also stun an entire line of opponents with her ultimate skill, known as the Crescendo.

League of Legends Journal & You

What is the state of your journey and progress in the fields of justice?
Which are your favorite champions?
What is your favorite role in a League of Legends team?

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