03 December 2012

Singapore Learn Japanese 2012

Singapore Learn Japanese 2012 is a community event hosted by comrade Danny Choo to share his interests, hobbies, passion, knowledge, skills, and experience of learning the Japanese Language & Culture with anyone (including non-Singaporeans) in Singapore who is able to be there @ Jurong Regional Library to attend his talk.

Comrade Danny shared about how he first discovered Japan through video games on his SEGA Mega Drive console and visiting the local bookstores back during his younger days of living in Hackney, London, United Kingdom.

With a strong passion in all things Japanese, he worked his way to fulfill his dream of living and working in Japan.
Comrade Danny is now living in Japan and managing his very own business with links to the Japanese Anime Industry.

Here are some books which are selected and recommended on Japanese Language & Culture by our friendly Librarians
@ Jurong Regional Library.

Comrade Danny also shared about the educational products which he has developed under the Culture Japan brand such as the Moekana series to help non-Japanese folks pick up and learn the Japanese Language & Culture.

Surprisingly, even native Japanese folks are also buying these educational products to help their children learn the Japanese language in a fun and interactive way.

Singapore Learn Japanese 2012 & You
Have you attended this event?
Are you looking forward to learn the Japanese Language?
Do you have plans to live and work in Japan?

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