07 January 2013

A Brand New Year 2013

The calendar year 2013 has arrived and a brand new year is upon us!
Project JeForceX and Jason Wong (JeForceX) hereby wish everyone a happy new year and a successful year ahead!

New Year Resolution 2013
Shown below are my personal goals for Calendar Year 2013.

  • Fitness Management: Weight Loss & Performance Tuning
  • Japanese Language & Cultural Studies: Kanji, Grammar & Vocabulary
  • Design & Develop Female Mascot Character for Project JeForceX
  • Business Development: Strategy & Planning

Why Set New Year Resolutions
Human beings are always looking forward to live a better life day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, and generation after generation. However, just simply thinking about what you want but not doing anything about it will not bring you anywhere closer to your dreams.

It is a good thing that some folks (which I have no idea who they are) happen to have a lot of free time on their hands and came up with this brilliant idea of setting New Year Resolutions at the start of every year. With this culture in practice, one will be encouraged to set personal goals at the start of every year and work hard towards them by the end of the year.

The goals have to be specific, realistic, and achievable within the same calendar for the New Year Resolution to be effective.
A specific goal such as 'Create 40 Pieces of A3-sized Full-Color Artworks' is much more realistic and achievable than 'Become the No. 1 Cardfight Vanguard Player in the Whole Wide World' which is an extremely distant vision which may or may not be achievable within the same calendar year.

A Brand New Year 2013 & You
Have you set your New Year Resolution for Calendar Year 2013?
What are the personal goals which you have set?
Are the goals specific, realistic, and achievable within the same calendar year?

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