14 January 2013


HardwareZone is a local (Singapore) technology news and community website which covers a wide variety of topics ranging from geeky stuffs such as computer hardware and software to consumer electronics such as digital cameras, printers, media players, and mobile phones.

This is the full view of a feature article written by the resident writers of HardwareZone.

A look at the full view of the Product Guide Article on the Canon EOS 6D.

I like the way they summarize their Product Guides in this manner. This is a very good bite-sized information for busy folks like myself to make buying decisions without having to spend hours reading the full articles. ^^;

Aside from the latest news, Feature Articles, and Product Guides, HardwareZone also has a Community Discussion Forum which boasts over 500,000 registered members, over 1 million discussion threads, and over 24 million post counts.

The InfoTech Clinics category contains discussion forums ranging from computer hardware and notebook computers to internet services and computer software.

The Digital Entertainment Lifestyle Hub category contains discussion forums for folks who want to discuss about the less geeky stuffs, consumer electronics such as television sets, audio peripherals, and mobile phones.

Tired of geeky and electronic stuffs? There are non-technological discussion forum categories in the HardwareZone Community Discussion Forums such as hobbies and special interest groups.

Is there something you want to buy but do not need it to be brand new or simply want to get rid of an electronic device which you rarely use? There is a Marketplace category which the community members can create sales threads to sell their wares and even non-technological stuffs such as textbooks and fashion accessories.

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