28 January 2013

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

Are you a knowledgeable, skillful, and experienced professional or just someone who has been lectured all the way since you first started school till the day you graduated from school? When we were young, our parents sent us to school so that we will be educated and be well-prepared for the future that is coming. However, are we truly prepared for the future which they foresaw?


"acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation"
Source: Dictionary.com

Go to school, study hard, and do well for your exams!
When we go to school and attend hours upon hours of lessons, we receive academic knowledge such as the languages, mathematics, sciences, and the arts. At the end of every term (3 months) and semester (6 months), we were put through a form of evaluation test known as the 'Examination'.

Intelligence & Stupidity
Folks who scored well in the examinations are usually praised and complimented as "Intelligent" while folks who did not score well are frowned upon and labelled as "Stupid". However, is examination the definite way to determine an individual's level of intelligence? How certain are we that the folks are as intelligent as what the examination scores have reflected?

Knowledge = Power
There is a saying which goes by knowledge is power.
Yes, it is true that knowledge is an incredible power in the universe.
However, without the proper skills and experience to use that power, it is as good as being powerless.


"the ability, coming from one's knowledge, practice, aptitude, to do something well"
Source: Dictionary.com

What are you good at?
What if someone were to ask you about the top 5 skills that you possess?
Will you be able to list them out and explain in detail right on the spot?

Practice makes perfect, it always does!
Graduating from school does not necessarily make you a skillful person.
You will have to put the knowledge which you have acquired into real life practices.

Practicing only once or twice does not transform your knowledge into skills.
You have to keep practicing them every single day and these knowledge will then develop into skills.

Knowledge + Skills = Amateur
You have acquired the knowledge and practiced them every single day. However, that is still not enough to be prepared for the future. Without the experience of handling this power, you are just an Amateur who can only perform tasks based on what you have learnt in school and practiced on your own.


"knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone"
Source: Dictionary.com

Where have you been and what have you achieved?
Have you exercised your skills at a different time, location, and situation?
Have you fulfilled someone else's need or solved someone else's problem?

Use your skills at different location and in a different situation!
Studying at your own pace and practicing within the comfort of your own place is as good as living inside a well.
Get out of your comfort zone, fulfill real needs, and solve real problems to gain the exposure which you could never have encountered at your own pace and at your own place.

Knowledge + Skills + Experience = Professional
You have acquired the knowledge, practiced them every single day, and got involved in real life situations.
With continuous learning, practicing, and exposure, you will become a real professional.
This is how you can truly be prepared for the future.

Graduating from school is just the first part of your journey towards the future. If you choose to do nothing and assume that your school certificate / diploma / degree is a one-way train ticket to success, you will be utterly disappointed when you arrived at the end of the journey.

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