11 February 2013


Entrepreneurship comes from the French verb 'entreprendre' which means 'To undertake,' is the act and art of being an entrepreneur or one who undertakes innovations or introducing new things, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods. - Wikipedia

The Common Misconception of Entrepreneurship
What comes into your mind when someone mentioned the word "Entrepreneurship"?
Many folks will usually mention topics such as ..

  • Starting / Managing a Business
  • Selling Products / Services
  • Earning (Fast) Money
  • Making (Huge) Profits
  • Being Your Own Boss

While being a business owner is not exactly a correct or incorrect definition of Entrepreneurship, there is more to it than what many folks think they know about.

Business Management vs Entrepreneurship
Every economic activity such as employment or trading generates revenue.
What makes Entrepreneurship different from Business Management is the nature and function of its existence.

The nature and function of a business is to make profits from the sales of goods and services to customers fueled by economic supply and demand.

However, the nature and function of Entrepreneurship are completely different from a self-sustaining business.
Its primary focus is not simply about making profits but to serve a different purpose.

The True Nature & Function of Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship seeks to make the world a better place to live in by ..
  • Solving Existing & Upcoming Real-World Problems
  • Fulfilling Unmet & Upcoming Real-World Needs

Successful Entrepreneurs around the world are folks who walk on a different path by seeking to solve problems and fulfill unmet needs through the innovation and development of new products and services than to simply focus on making profits.

Solve someone's problems, fulfill someone's needs, and money will eventually find its way to you.
Neglect someone's problems, ignore someone's needs, and money will do its best stay far away from you.

Entrepreneurship & You
Are you an existing or aspiring Entrepreneur?
Do you seek to make the world a better place to live in?
Do you seek to solve existing problems and fulfill unmet needs?

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