11 March 2013

Well-Deserved Rest 2013:03

After long periods of hard work with blood, sweat, and tears, it is always good to reward yourself with a short break to chill and relax which helps recharge your energy reserves, increase your confidence, and boost your morale levels. Regardless of what you have achieved or did not do so well, you should never blame or even punish yourself.

Taking a Short Break
Looking back at the last time which I rewarded myself with a Well-Deserved Rest, it has really been a while. The short break which I enjoyed about a year ago appears to be very effective and really did recharge my energy reserves, increase my confidence, and boost my morale levels.

I will be away from the Blogosphere for a short break between 01 Mar 2013 to 31 Mar 2013 (inclusive).
During this month-long break, I will be taking good care of my heart, mind, and body by being free from stress and worries.

By being free, it is not about slacking, buffet feasting, shopping spree, movie marathon, clubbing, or any other similar activities.
Instead, I will be engaging in healthy lifestyle activities such as ..

Exercise, Training & Sports
Running / Cycling / Swimming / Gym

Outdoor Adventures
Trekking / Photography / Videography

Hobbies & Crafts
Reading / Writing / Drawing / Painting / Paper Crafting

Publishing of Feature Articles
The publishing of feature articles on Project JeForceX will resume on 01 Apr 2013.

In the mean time, if you are looking for more feature articles to read, do feel free to browse through the diverse range of feature article categories in the Navigation Bar (above) and take a look at the past feature articles which I have written and published. You might also want to visit my partners' websites and blogs as linked on the Sidebar (right).

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