29 April 2013

DotA 2 (PC)

DotA 2 (PC), also known by its original title of Defense of the Ancients (DotA), is an Action Real-Time Strategy (ARTS) game developed and published by the folks @ Valve.

This game is still in the BETA testing stage as of writing this feature article. The game developer has been taking quite a while to push this game out into the public space since its announcement due to some reasons which are not made known to curious folks like you and me.

A good comrade of mine gifted an "Early Access Pass" to me which made it possible for this feature article to exist even before the official release of the game's full public release version! ^^; By the way and once again, this is NOT a video game review which means I will not be grading, rating, or criticising this game in any way.

The main menu screen of DotA 2 (PC)

It was originally a user-made modification based on WarCraft III (PC), a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

The play and matching screen of DotA 2 (PC).

The player can select and filter his matching criteria such as Game Mode, Region, and Language. The more filters you set, the lower the chance of you getting matched to a game with other human players.

If all else fails, there is always the 'Practice with Bots' option available for folks who prefer to be :foreveralone: ^^;

The hero selection screen of DotA 2 (PC).

Once the player has been matched to a game with or without human players, he will select a hero (character) of his choice, level up, build items, fight alongside with their team, and destroy the opposing team's base in a battle arena setting.

The game start location of DotA 2 (PC).

Players will start the game at the safe zone of their all your base are belong to us with a healing fountain which restores both health and mana as well as a shop which they can purchase enhancement items from.

Players will be assigned to either one of the two(2) opposing teams.
The Radiant (bottom left) and The Dire (top right).

Players battling near a tower at the top lane.

The first obstacle in the game is the tower which fires automatically at enemies in range. These towers require a considerable amount of favorable conditions and situations in order to be destroyed.

Players who rush blindly and start attacking the towers will find themselves lying down with their faces flat on the ground in a few brief moments' time. ^^;

Players and creeps attacking the Dire's Ancient.

The ultimate objective of this game is to take down this humongous building which is known as the Ancient.

A peaceful situation at the Radiant's Ancient.

Once the required set of towers have been taken down, the Ancient will become vulnerable to attacks and its destruction will lead to the attackers' victory and the defenders' defeat.

The end game result screen of DotA 2 (PC).

At the end of a game match, players will be presented with a result screen showing the roster of players, scores, item builds, and game statistics.

More Goodness of DotA 2 (PC)
Does this game tickle your fancy, curiousity, and make you feel like giving it a try?

Visit the Official Website of DotA 2 (PC).
Visit the STEAM Store Page of DotA 2 (PC).

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