22 April 2013

Esther Koh Cosplay

Known as the "Singapore Mirai-chan", Esther Koh is a cosplayer from Singapore who has done amazing works of cosplay such as Suenaga Mirai, the official mascot character of Culture Japan. She is one of my favorite Singaporean cosplayers of all time for the high level of accuracy in her costumes down to the smallest level of details.

Image Source: Esther Koh @ Cosplayers' Cure

Character: Serizawa Fumino
Series: Mayoi Neko Overrun

Image Source: Esther Koh @ Cosplayers' Cure

Character: Asuka Langley (School Uniform ver.)
Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Character: Kirisame Marisa
Series: Touhou Project

Character: Suenaga Mirai (Summer Uniform ver.)
Series: Culture Japan

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blueramen said...

She suits Asuka perfectly too^^

JeForceX said...

She has an almost perfect kind of appearance which made it a possibility for her to cosplay any female character in the Aniverse.