20 May 2013

Culture Japan

Culture Japan (formerly known as dannychoo.com) is a blog about Japanese Popular Culture and many various things about Japan by Danny Choo sensei, the man who inspired me to Live The Dream. The images as shown in this feature article are screenshots captured directly from visiting the blog.

I have been reading and following the Culture Japan blog since 2008 which greatly inspired me to build and manage my very own blog, Project JeForceX, that which you are reading right now.

The Culture Japan blog has a very intuitive design which always kept me interested to continue reading the articles and exploring other contents available.

It is powered by Mirai Gaia, a proprietary Content Management System (CMS) designed and developed by Danny sensei himself. Many Japanese companies such as Good Smile Company and Bushiroad are using this technology to operate and manage their websites.

The Culture Japan blog has a fair balance of photos and text content to keep the readers interested, engaged, and awake instead of boring them with long walls of text.

There are also interactive poll system which keeps the readers informed, involved, and engaged of the current trends and contents that readers are most interested in.

Other than being just a blog, Culture Japan is also an international brand which is managed by Danny sensei to share Japanese Popular Culture and everything else about Japan with the world.

Shown above is Suenaga Mirai, the official mascot character of Culture Japan.
As time passes by, Mirai has since gained popularity around the world.

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