10 June 2013

How I Started Blogging

Blogging used to be an activity for folks to share their personal life (and rants), similar to writing a diary, with their friends on the internet. I was never a blogger to begin with and used to hate the existence of blogs (maybe because of reading too many rant-based blogs) until I came across a number of inspirational folks who changed the way I look at blogging forever.

Blog Title: Culture Japan
Author: Danny Choo
Blog Address: www.dannychoo.com

Japanese Popular Culture ► Otaku Blogs
When I first discovered and became passionate about Japanese Popular Culture, I began searching the internet for websites, forums, and blogs about Japanese Anime, Figures, and Cosplay. Culture Japan (formerly known as dannychoo.com) is the first otaku blog which I came across.

The blog is created and managed by Danny Choo sensei, the man who inspired me to pursue my passion and become who I am today. It has a very unique style of high quality photos, inspiring words of advice, and contents which I can easily relate to.

Blog Title: Kodomut.com
Author: Kodomut
Blog Address: www.kodomut.com

Japanese Popular Culture ► Figure Photography
As I began collecting Anime Figures (mostly from the Figma series by Good Smile Company), I began searching the internet for like-minded folks who collect Anime Figures, hoping to learn some valuable lessons from these experts. It was then when I found a local (Singapore) Figure Collector and Photographer known only as Kodomut.

Almost 80% of the blog is made up of high quality, beautiful, and professionally finished photographs of Anime Figures capture at both indoor and outdoor environments. Using Anime Figures and photography to tell stories instead of words took blogging to the next level.

Blog Title: alafista.com
Author: Alvin (alafista)
Blog Address: www.alafista.com

Japanese Popular Culture ► Everything Japan
Apart from Japanese Popular Culture, I am also passionate about everything Japan and its cultures. This is when I discovered another local (Singapore) blog which covers everything about Japan from Japanese Popular Culture such as Anime and Figures to Japanese Culture and Places of Interests.

The blog has a creative style of offering bite-sized posts to keep things interesting and straight to the point.

Blog Title: Gordonator
Author: Gordon
Blog Address: www.gordonator.com

Japanese Popular Culture ► Costuming
Having watched Danny-sensei's stormtrooping shenanigans, I went to search for more stormtrooping contents and found a local (Singapore) blog about Japanese Popular Culture and his activities with the stormtrooper armor.

The blog has a very simple and clean design but packed full of interesting contents about Japanese Popular Culture.

Passion + Inspiration = Aspiration

With my passion in Japanese Popular Culture and Inspiration from other Bloggers, I aspired to create and manage my very own blog which saw the creation and existence of Project JeForceX since August 2008.

During those days, the Japanese Popular Culture community in Singapore is as small as a microbe. I want to help grow the local (Singapore) community by introducing, promoting, and sharing my passion for Japanese Popular Culture.

Aside from sharing contents, blogging also helps me to record and keep track of events that took place in my life. Unlike personal blogs, I do not see the point of cursing / swearing / ranting online as it serves absolutely no purpose at all. By posting guides and coverages, I will be able to help folks who are looking for information as well as improve my own writing skills.

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