01 July 2013

MinnaCon 2013

MinnaCon is an inaugural Anime, Comics and Games (ACG) convention co-organised by the NUS Comics And Animation Society and the NTU Visual Arts Society together with the support of the Singapore Cosplay Club. This convention marks the first time NUS is opening up its ground to the ACG community at large.
- MinnaCon Committee

The exterior of the event venue located at National University of Singapore (NUS) - University Town (UTown).

As its name suggests, MinnaCon is designed to cater to every facet of ACG culture. So whether you're an aspiring manga/doujin artist or a cosplay enthusiast or even a 2-D fighter fanatic, MinnaCon has a little something for everyone. - MinnaCon Committee

The event took place on two levels of the building as well as isolated rooms for the 2D Fighting Games which I did not cover as I was only there at the event for a casual and social visit. ^^;

Deep within the depths of the event location is the auditorium where stage activities take place.

It is always a pleasant sight to see Doujin (fan-made Works) booths at the events.

The Doujin booths do not just sell illustrations but also various kinds of merchandises such as keychains, mobile phone straps, sticker decals, button badges, and paper crafts.

Here be the Rolling Bunnies Doujin booth managed by a comrade of mine. Perhaps I should do a formal introduction of this Doujin group to my readers some day. ^^;

A close-up look at the button badges which they were selling during the event.
Are you able to identify the characters and which Anime series they are from? ^^;

Character: Takanashi Rikka & Dekomori Sanae
Series: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
Cosplayer: Yivon & ???

Character: Ragna the Bloodedge
Series: BlazBlue
Cosplayer: Bernard Lim

Character: Human Corsair
Series: Final Fantasy XI
Cosplayer: Jokumi Usui

Character: Rachel Alucard
Series: BlazBlue
Cosplayer: Kurumi Sato

Character: Red-haired French Maid
Series: Japanese Sub-Culture
Cosplayer: Yuuniic de Koneko

Wa Lolita fashion from the Japanese Sub-Culture by comrade Melanie Joanne.

MinnaCon 2013 Round-Up

  • MinnaCon 2013 is a well-diversified community event for ACG lovers.
  • More can be done for the event such as having a Theme Cafe and Guest Appearances to spice things up.
  • Event location may be difficult for many interested parties to visit.

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