25 November 2013

Culture Japan Night (Singapore) 2013

Culture Japan Night (Singapore) 2013 #CJNSG13 happened on Monday, 11 November 2013 at Kallang Theatre (Former) in Singapore. It is a casual and relaxed networking event hosted by Culture Japan for like-minded folks from all walks of life who are into J-Culture to mingle around and make new friends as well as discover career and business opportunities.

Photo: Exhibits @ #CJNSG13

As folks enter the event location, they will be greeted with a showcase of Culture Japan goodies.

Photo: Reception @ #CJNSG13

Visitors will also be greeted by a friendly receptionist.

Photo: Welcome to #CJNSG13

Admission costs a flat fee of S$5.
Folks who wear any type of Culture Japan T-Shirt gain admission for FREE!

Photo: Seminar @ #CJNSG13

The main focus of Culture Japan Night is on the seminars and talks by Danny Choo and the invited guests.

Photo: Danny Choo speaking @ #CJNSG13

Danny-sensei shared about his life, career, the Culture Japan brand, and many more topics!

Photo: Close-up look at speaker Danny Choo

He also shared about his latest projects such as the Smart Doll.

Photo: Audience @ #CJNSG13

The attendance was so great that many folks had to stand and listen to the talks.

Photo: Good Smile Company @ #CJNSG13

Good Smile Company was present at the event and set-up a small-scale display with announcements of their upcoming figure releases as well as contact information.

Photo: Nendoroid Display @ #CJNSG2013

There was a display of Nendoroid figures from the VOCALOID series.

Photo: Artworks & Scultures Display @ #CJNSG2013

Here be a display of illustration and sculpting works by HairyAsHell.

Photo: Dollies @ #CJNSG2013

Owners of Ball-Jointed Dolls (BJD) brought and displayed their lovely daughters at the event location.

Photo: Dollies @ #CJNSG2013

Kirigiri Kyouko in Doll Form from the Dangan Ronpa series.

Photo: Dollies @ #CJNSG2013

Kirigiri Kyouko in Doll Form from the Dangan Ronpa series.

Photo: Cosplayer @ #CJNSG2013

There was a Cosplayer who cosplayed as Hatsune Miku, representing the illustration of HairyAsHell.

Photo: Collateral Damage Studios @ #CJNSG2013

Collateral Damage Studios, one of the most popular Doujin Groups in Singapore, set-up a booth to promote and offer their products and services at the event location.

Photo: Collateral Damage Studios @ #CJNSG2013

A close-up look at the works of Collateral Damage Studios.

Photo: Danny Choo - Autograph Session @ #CJNSG2013

Folks who brought merchandises that are related to the Culture Japan brand can get them autographed by Danny-sensei.

Photo: Moekana Tournament @ #CJNSG2013

There was also a card game tournament of Moekana, Japanese Language Learning Product.

Photo: Moekana Tournament @ #CJNSG2013

Folks who won at the tournament received attractive prizes such as Anime Figures.

Culture Japan Night (Singapore) 2013 Round-up

Photo Credit: Sheepytrilogy

From Left to Right: Jennifer (Midori Kame) , Jason Wong (JeForceX) , Yuki Lee (HIPPO) , Danny Choo (Culture Japan) , Tanaka (Sheepytrilogy)

  • A casual and relaxing networking event for like-minded folks who are into J-Culture.
  • A great platform for like-minded folks to meet new friends and learn more about J-Culture.
  • A great platform for like-minded folks to find career and business opportunities.

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