30 December 2013

Year In Review 2013

We have come to the end of another year and it is a good habit and culture to document what we have planned as well as achieved throughout the year. It is a moment of excitement and worries at the same point of time, celebrating what we have achieved while regretting what we have not done.

23 December 2013

EOY Cosplay Festival 2013

EOY Cosplay Festival 2013 #EOY2013 is a community Cosplay event which took place on 15 Dec 2013 at the Marina Barrage in Singapore. Many like-minded folks made their way down to the event location to celebrate their passion for Japanese Popular Culture, support their friends, or just simply there to have fun, relax, and embrace the culture!

09 December 2013

EOY 2013 Special - Interview with Nico Nico Dancer Wata

Wata is a Nico Nico Dancer from Japan who will be visiting Singapore to perform at the upcoming EOY Cosplay Festival 2013. We are pleased to present our pre-event interview of Wata-san with our valued readers! Special thanks go to the EOY Team for their assistance in the coordination of the interview as well as the translation!