06 January 2014

Brand New Year 2014

A brand new calendar year 2014 has arrived, bringing along a brand new journey for everyone around the world! Regardless of whether we had a wonderful or not very good year before, we must continue to stay positive, keep moving forward, and build a better and brighter future for ourselves.

New Year Resolution 2014

It is that time of the year again where folks practice the tradition and culture of setting New Year Resolutions to help get their feets on the ground and be objective-driven to unlock achievements for the rest of the year!

While some folks think that New Year Resolutions are redundant due to the reason that most of them will not be achieved, you do not have to agree with their negativity and way of thinking! Your life belongs to you and decide how you want live your life!

The Calendar Year 2014 will be a super busy but productive one for me as I have loads of plans to get things done and have them up and running as soon as possible. ^^;

Personal Development
  • Fitness Management: Weight Loss & Strength Training
    • 10 kg off the Weighing Scale
    • 1 x Pull-up on the Bar
  • Japanese Language & Cultural Studies
    • Grammar: Fast Track 100
    • Vocabulary: Beginner Japanese Words & Phrases

Career Development
  • Learn more about Business Management
    • Read Articles & Write Comments on Entrepreneur.com
  • Learn more about the Japanese Anime Industry
    • Read Articles & Write Comments on Culture Japan

Project JeForceX
  • Weekly Publishing of Online Feature Article
    • 50 Articles for Calendar Year 2014
  • Design & Development of Mascot Character (F)
    • Character Line-up
    • Full Color Render Pose

Have you set a New Year Resolution for yourself? When deciding on a New Year Resolution, remember to be realistic and set achievable goals which you can achieve within a calendar year. Long term goals that require more than one calendar year to achieve should be set in a different type of 'Goal Setting' plan and should not be mixed up with New Year Resolution.

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