03 February 2014

Valkyrie Crusade

Invoke in the World of Crusaders and Dive into Epic Fantasy Card Battle Game!
“Strive for Victory, Peace and Love with the Beautiful Maidens of Valkyrie Crusade!
A brand new kingdom building and RPG Battle Game!”
- Nubee

The era of premium quality games on mobile devices is upon us! We take a look at Valkyrie Crusade, a multiplayer online hybrid empire building and card battle game available for free to play on the iPhone and Android mobile operating systems.

Image Source: Brawl Custom Music

Taking a look at the Game

Screenshot: Valkyrie Crusade - The Kingdom Screen

As players log into the game, they will be presented with the view of their kingdom. Shown in the screenshot is the kingdom of "Tetsuyama" which I have built after playing the game for quite some time. Kingdoms will start out with a castle sitting atop an empty piece of land as though it is a ghost town. ^^;

Screenshot: Valkyrie Crusade - The In-Game Menu

The game has a navigation menu which seems like an information overload at first glance. Players will be able to get used to navigating around the game menu after playing around with it for quite some time.

Screenshot: Valkyrie Crusade - The Battle Menu - Chronicle Campaign

The main focus of this game is "Card Battle" and players will be bringing their cards along for a walk outside of their kingdom for an unexpected and unforgettable journey.

Screenshot: Valkyrie Crusade - The Celestial World Map

The game is set in a celestial world of deities, angels, spirits, ghosts, and the like. Shown above is the campaign map which players will play through and "beat" the stages in a linear manner.

Screenshot: Valkyrie Crusade - The Chronicle Campaign - Adventuring

The adventuring is very much similar to many social network games with "stamina" and needs to be recharged by waiting or paying for premiums to invoke an instant recharge to maximum capacity.

Screenshot: Valkyrie Crusade - The Chronicle Campaign - Enemy Encounter

When players encounter enemies during their adventure, they will be presented with the cards that they have to battle against.

Screenshot: Valkyrie Crusade - Normal Battle

The battle stage is a static 3D environment and combat is turn-based.

Screenshot: Valkyrie Crusade - Normal Battle - Victory

At the end of each battle, players are presented with the leveling progress of their cards.

Screenshot: Valkyrie Crusade - The Battle Screen - Archwitch

There is another type of Card Battle in the game known as the "Archwitch Battle".

Screenshot: Valkyrie Crusade - Archwitch Battle

The Archwitch is a boss type of card with very high amount of health points.

Screenshot: Valkyrie Crusade - The Summoning Screen

Additional cards can be summoned by spending non-standard resources or earned through rewards at the end of card battles.

Screenshot: Valkyrie Crusade - Summoning - Summon New Card

Players will be presented with information of the cards as they are summoned or awarded.

Screenshot: Valkyrie Crusade - The Edit Unit Screen

Cards can be managed by assigning them into squads, collections, or exchanged for other in-game resources.

Screenshot: Valkyrie Crusade - Card Detail Screen

Players can inspect the cards for information such as combat capabilities and skills.

Screenshot: Valkyrie Crusade - The Build / Shop Screen

An in-game shop is available for players to purchase buildings and decorations for their kingdom. Even though the main focus of the game is more into card battles than empire building, there is still some little creative and fun stuff to play around with.

Valkyrie Crusade Round-Up

Watch the official video trailer and decide whether this is the type of game for you.

  • Multiplayer Online Game Application for the iPhone and Android Mobile Devices
  • Hybrid Empire Building and Card Battle Theme
  • Beautiful Maiden Characters (Eye Candy) designed in the Anime Style

For more information about Valkyrie Crusade, visit the Official Website.
For iPhone users, download the game from the Apple App Store.
For Android users, download the game from the Google Play Store.

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