31 March 2014

JeForce Journal 2014:03

How does a modern Executive Producer's workspace look like? As for the Executive Producer of Project JeForceX, a workspace does not necessarily have to be a matte gray desk cluttered with documents, arch files, and sticky notes littered all over the place. Find out how to one can be motivated with a fun workspace!

Photo: Quarter View of Workspace

24 March 2014

Love In Japanese

If you are interested in dating a Japanese boy/girl, the need of understanding Japanese love culture is not only inevitable but crucial. The aim of loveinjapanese.net is to provide a platform where we can explore Japanese love culture topics.
- Love In Japanese

We came across an interesting website which publishes informative articles and guides about Love in Japanese, catering its contents to english-speaking folks regardless of whether you are a native Japanese person or foreigner (gaijin).

Image: Screenshot of Love In Japanese Website

11 March 2014

AmiAmi Online Shop

Where would you normally buy your Anime Merchandises from? Ever since I first discovered the AmiAmi online shop while being a regular follower of Culture Japan, majority of my Character Figures and Anime Merchandises loots are purchased from the same merchant.

03 March 2014

Anime Picks - Spring 2014

The spring season of calendar year 2014 is upon us! During this season, we will get to see a lot of interesting and exciting Anime series with some of which are already popular and loved by many folks around the world!

We take a look at our Top 5 Anime Picks for Spring 2014 which have attracted our undivided attention and tickled our fancies. The Anime series which we will look at are sorted in the alphabetical order, not based on any known ranking systems.

Screenshot: AniChart Website