11 March 2014

AmiAmi Online Shop

Where would you normally buy your Anime Merchandises from? Ever since I first discovered the AmiAmi online shop while being a regular follower of Culture Japan, majority of my Character Figures and Anime Merchandises loots are purchased from the same merchant.

Image: Screenshot of AmiAmi Website

Character Figures

Image: Screenshot of AmiAmi Website

AmiAmi offers a wide variety of Character Figures from scaled and collectible figures to action figures such as Figma (my all-time favorite) and Nendoroids. My relationship with AmiAmi first started with Character Figure purchases.

Gundam Models

Image: Screenshot of AmiAmi Website

Gundam models and related stuffs are also available for purchase at AmiAmi.

Character Goods

Image: Screenshot of AmiAmi Website

AmiAmi also offers non-figure character goods such as keychains, coasters, mugs, towels, cushions, and the like.

Payment & Shipping Methods

Image: Screenshot of AmiAmi Website

Payment methods include PayPal, and as usual, the convenient and conventional online payment by Credit Card.
Cash On Delivery (COD) is only available for folks residing in Japan, land of the rising sun.

There are many shipping methods available but I usually use SAL Small Packet (Registered) for goods below $10 and EMS for anything above $10 (combined shipping). International shipping is available but remember to consult their list of reach-able countries before placing your orders for purchase.

Shopping @ AmiAmi

Image: Screenshot of AmiAmi Website

While I was randomly surfing around the AmiAmi online shop for Dakimakura pillow covers, I came across this lovely work of Kongou from the KanColle series. Feeling mellow about its artwork, I pre-ordered it without needing to think twice.

Just within about 15 minutes of pre-ordering this Dakimakura pillow cover, it was completely sold out.
It is a good thing that I practiced my Anime Merchandise shopping principal of "Buy first, think later".
Should I click on the pre-order button a minute or two later, I could have missed it and regretted for life.

Chances of popular goods being re-stocked at online shops are very slim and it is important to make your decisions fast.
Visit the AmiAmi Online Shop and grab that merchandise which you have been looking for, especially when they are not available in your neck of the woods!

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