31 March 2014

JeForce Journal 2014:03

How does a modern Executive Producer's workspace look like? As for the Executive Producer of Project JeForceX, a workspace does not necessarily have to be a matte gray desk cluttered with documents, arch files, and sticky notes littered all over the place. Find out how to one can be motivated with a fun workspace!

Photo: Quarter View of Workspace

Photo: Fun Workspace - Figma Nyaruko , Aria the Scarlet Ammo Tumbler , Ring-Bound Sketchbook by Inspidea

Starting from Calendar Year 2014, I will be documenting my workspace on a quarterly basis to keep track of the changes taking place in my life as well as a way of sharing unconventional ideas with the world.

Being a lover of Japanese Popular Culture, I have been placing Anime Merchandises around my workspace to help keep myself motivated everyday. I have a collection of Figma Figures with most of them in cryogen stasis mode as I do not want them to become dusty and lose their colors due to sunlight.

As of this period, I only have my Figma Nyaruko out on the battlefields to help keep my workspace safe from the attacks of gloomy monsters while I am busy at work. I used to drink from a boring plain white glass mug until I bought an Aria the Scarlet Ammo Tumbler during Anime Festial Asia (Singapore) 2013 which has served me well for more than a quarter! ^^;

Photo: Mobile Computing Solution - Lenovo IdeaPad Z470

I used to have a desktop computer many years ago but switched to a laptop due to a change of computing needs which required me to be highly mobile yet have regular access to a computerized environment while I was pursuing a Full-Time Diploma at Singapore Polytechnic.

My very first laptop machine was an Acer Aspire which broke down rather quickly due to a poor design of the cooling infrastructure which led to dust clogging up the entire CPU exhaust with absolutely no way to clear it off without dismantling the entire laptop. ^^;

This is currently my second laptop which I have been using for general computing and entertainment purposes such as watching videos and playing games. I am considering whether to purchase another desktop computer for general computing while keeping my laptop for mobile computing and presentation purposes (when the need arises).

Photo: Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse , Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset , Fate/Stay Night (Rin/Archer) Mousepad

I used to have very clean and basic computing accessories until when they broke down due to wear, tear, and rust. When the time has come for them to be replaced, I bought themed goodies such as the Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse, Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset, and Fate/Stay Night (Rin/Archer) Mousepad which was also bought during Anime Festival Asia (Singapore) 2013.

Photo: McVities Digestive Biscuits , Wrigley's DOUBLEMINT Mints , Nendoroid PLUS Nakano Azusa

At some point of time in between meals, I will get that tad bit of hunger but not big enough to ask for a full course meal. Here be some McVities Digestive Biscuits which I have stored in an air-tight plastic container commonly used by Chinese folks during Lunar New Year. Perhaps I should start hunting for plain air-tight plastic containers and plaster them with Anime stickers. ^^;

There are also some Wrigley's DOUBLEMINT Mints to perk me up when I am feeling the downs while being busy at work. At the top-right is a Nendoroid PLUS Nakano Azusa which I bought many years ago during Anime Festival Asia (Singapore) 2009. This cute little lovely thingy helps keep the mood up in this somewhat gloomy corner of my workspace. ^^;

Photo: Right Side of the Workspace

To the right side of my workspace used to be an empty wall with nothing but emptiness until I started collecting Anime posters and began pasting them up using Blu-Tack. The posters have been moved and replaced on a seasonal basis just as new Anime titles are released every season. ^^;

In a clockwise direction from the left, these posters are ..
  • Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
  • Culture Japan - Mirai Suenaga (Spring)
  • Sword Art Online

Planned Enhancements 2014:03

Photo: Front View of Workspace - Planned Enhancements 2014:03

1. Table Top Play Lab
This part of my workspace has been left empty for many years and I have plans to maximize its potential by transforming it into a 'Play & Experiment' space for future creative projects such as an Indoor Figure Photoshoot stage set-up and Miniature Props & Environments Crafting workshop set-up.

2. Figure & Merchandise Shrine
Nyaruko-chan has been keeping this space guarded 24/7 since the day I released her from her cryogen stasis cell to the present day. It must have been very lonely for her all these while! =(

While I have quite a number of pre-ordered goodies which are still on their way, Nyaruko-chan will have to hold on for quite some time before Figma Eren Yeager arrives to join her in about 2 months time. For the time being, I shall release Figma Hatsune Miku from her cryogen stasis cell to join Nyaruko-chan in the Defense of the Figure & Merchandise Shrine (DoFMS). ^^;

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