28 April 2014

Challenging Yourself

Have you ever questioned yourself about what you should be doing in the coming days, weeks, months, and years? When reporting to school, work, or National Service has become a daily routine for yourself that it no longer means anything other than fulfilling the mandatory obligations forcefully shoved down into your throat regardless of whether you like it or not, you will begin to feel the need to break free from the 'Status Quo'.

Photo: figma Nyaruko striking the same pose as shown on the Product Packaging.

Question Your Reason for Staying Alive

Have you ever asked yourself why you have been doing your best to breathe in oxygen, quench your thirst, satisfy your hunger, and kept yourself alive?

If you are currently a student, is it so that you can go to school, attend lectures, do assignments, and sit for examinations?

If you are currently a National Serviceman, is it so that you can book-in to camp, have your attendance recorded, and fulfill your military duties so that you will not be charged for AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave) and end up in DB (Detention Barracks)?

If you are currently a working adult, is it so that you can go to work, satisfy your employer, receive your paycheck at the end of every month, pay your bills, and then rinse and repeat the same old routine all over again?

What have you been living for and what do you want to achieve in life?

If you have not decided what you want to do with you life, you might want to read up the feature article Discovering & Pursuing Your Passion which I have written some time ago.

If you have already determined what you want to achieve in life, are you doing anything relevant to achieve those goals?

Create a List of Challenges

Image: A sample 'List of Challenges' for a Cosplay Blogger who is pursuing the career path of an Idol.

Create a 'List of Challenges' for yourself with checkboxes at the left side followed by the challenges. You can simply write them on a piece of paper and paste it somewhere which you can see everyday. If you are a technologically savvy person, you can create checklists using the Google Keep service and keep track of your progress.

Make sure the challenges which you set for yourself are relevant to what you want to achieve in life.
For example, an aspiring Chef should challenge oneself to develop a new dish idea.
Likewise, an aspiring musician should challenge oneself to compose a new piece of music.

Adding on to the challenge, set deadlines for these challenges so that you will not procrastinate and totally forget to get those things done. Deadlines should be realistic, should not be way too long, and not way too short either. Do consult someone who has already got those things done before to get a better idea of the appropriate duration.

Make Your Challenges Accountable

To err is human, and we usually like to be a little bit more lenient to ourselves but much more stricter to others when creating these challenges. A good way to stay on the right track is to find an 'Auditor', a person whom you trust to check on your 'List of Challenges', making sure they are both relevant to your goals and realistic enough to be achieved.

Challenge yourself today and move closer than ever to achieving your goals in life!

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