14 April 2014

Dealing with Exhaustion

Have you ever been in a situation when you just do not feel like doing anything productive and just want to curl up in a dark corner of your room? If you are currently not experiencing this situation, you are doing great in life! However, if you are experiencing this situation, you might be in a state of exhaustion!

Exhaustion might sound like a very simple problem to deal with simply by 'taking a break'. However, different types of exhaustions require different types of breaks. In this feature article, we will discuss about 3 different types of exhaustions that happen and affect the way we live our lives in this modern day and age.

Photo: Figma Nyaruko in 'OTL' pose.

Different Types of Exhaustions

Photo: Figma Nyaruko in 'OTL' pose (a different angle). ^^;

1. Physical Exhaustion
The most common type of exhaustion which happens to everyone on every single day of our lives unless we engage in very low intensity activities such as being stuck in a chair for an entire day doing work on a computer. This should not really be a cause for concern as the human body is not made to work non-stop and it is perfectly normal to feel fatigue.

2. Mental Exhaustion
In this modern day and age, we live in a knowledge-based society where the pace of life is so fast that things move and change very rapidly, we begin to feel burning sensations going on in our heads. At some point of time in our lives, we hope that we could just shut down our entire brain system, lie down flat on the ground, and simply do absolutely nothing.

3. Emotional Exhaustion
When you have to isolate yourself from other folks, it is a sign that you had enough of their nonsensical crap and needed some time alone. This happens when the source of problems came from the external environment and you just want to shut them out so that your internal ecosystem is not affected.

Solutions to Fix those Exhaustions

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1. Sleep

Suitable For: All Types of Exhaustions
Not Suitable For: Highly Motivated & Energetic Folks

The most common activity that folks engage in - you might just be tired after a long day of studies, work, or social activities that you need to relax your mind, body, and heart. After getting some sleep, you will be refreshed and might even have developed brilliant ideas to fix your real life problems while you were asleep.

2. Play Sports & Games

Suitable For: Mental and Emotional Exhaustions
Not Suitable For: Physical Exhaustion

When sleeping simply does not help fit the bill and you have difficulties falling asleep, you might be suffering from stress and need to let go of that excess energy which has been building up inside your mind and body. Engaging in sports or playing some games (single player) can help keep your heart and mind distracted from the life problems.

3. Talk to Someone (whom you can trust)

Suitable For: Mental and Emotional Exhaustions
Not Suitable For: Physical Exhaustion

You might have questions that need answering and Google Search or Yahoo Answers simply could not solve the complexities of your life problems. Speak to someone, a family member or close friend, whom you can trust to share your life problems with and find out how their advices from different perspectives can help you to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

4. Write a Diary / Journal

Suitable For: Mental and Emotional Exhaustions
Not Suitable For: Physical Exhaustion

Remember that you are the only person in this world who knows yourself best and might even be able to solve your own life problems once you re-arrange the pieces of the puzzle. Record your life in a diary (paper and pen), or if you feel that it is too 'old school', you can write them on digital platforms such as a text document (do NOT post them online).

Write your journal entries on a daily basis and read all of your past journal entries every day before you write a new one for that new day. At some point of time, you will be able to see a bigger picture of your life problems and even laugh at your own folly of why did you even make those silly mistakes.

5. Abstinence

Suitable For: All Types of Exhaustions
Not Suitable For: Lazy & Irresponsible Folks

When everything else does not seem work out right and you have difficulties mustering energy for a certain activity, you might be suffering from a 'burn out'. In economics, the 'Law of Diminishing Returns' explained that you will receive less satisfaction from the same source when the quantity increases which you will soon grow sick and tired of it.

Stay away from that certain activity which you frequently engage in and has been the cause your exhaustions. Free up that time slot and fill it in with one of the solutions as mentioned above. Once you have taken a break, felt refreshed, and started craving for that certain activity again, it is a 'green light' sign for you to make a comeback.

On a Personal Note

Photo: Figma Nyaruko placing her hands near her Zettai Ryouiki (Absolute Region).

I have been through all types of exhaustions and have solved them with both good and bad solutions. The bad solutions which I chose to practice during my younger (and immatured) days such as excessive eating, prolonged sleeping, or even self-harm, have scarred my mind, body, and heart.

Ever since I discovered the good solutions, I have stopped practicing the bad solutions and on top of that, I have decided to share these advice with my valued readers.

On a side note, here is a fun shot which I did during the Figure Photoshoot for this feature article. This photo here can mean many different things to different folks but I will be leaving it to the power of your own imagination to decide what will happen next! ^^;

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