21 April 2014

Diablo III : Reaper of Souls

Ever since its public release about a month ago, I have been playing Diablo III: Reaper of Souls on the PC Windows platform, hunting down the reapers who brought death to the city of Westmarch, saving the world from the brink of death, and chasing down Malthael, formerly the Archangel of Wisdom, and currently the Angel of Death through the Pandemonium Fortress.

Image: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Logo Wallpaper (Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

Screenshot: The Main Menu of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

This expansion pack brought about many new features, changes, and enhancements to the game world of Diablo III such as a new Campaign Map: Westmarch, Game Mode: Adventure (Bounties & Exploration), Character Class: Crusader, Artisan: Mystic, Social: Communities & Clans, and many more!

Screenshot: The Game Settings Menu of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

The game settings menu has been revamped with a refreshingly new layout and choices for the player. With the new Adventure (Bounties & Exploration) game mode, players no longer have to grind through the same old campaign story events over and over again just to enjoy a session of monster slaying or treasure hunting.

Screenshot: Demon Hunter battling against the Forces of Death in Westmarch

The new Campaign Map, Westmarch, is a cold and dark world which players will journey and battle against the forces of death. The theme of this location is mostly in the city streets and as usual for dungeon crawlers, the stinking sewers.

Screenshot: Campaign Map of the Adventure (Bounties & Exploration) Game Mode

The classic waypoint listing page has been completely revamped and replaced with an interactive world map which players can click and teleport to their target destination.

Screenshot: Enchanting items at the Mystic Artisan.

The new Artisan, Mystic, allows players to enchant their equipments by replacing a single line of magical properties with another of their choice from a randomly generated list of possible properties.

Screenshot: Transmogrifying items at the Mystic Artisan.

Players can also 'transmogrify' their equipments which changes the physical appearance of their equipments, giving them a refreshing new look.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls & You

Having read the feature article, would you be interested to buy and play the expansion pack?

As for folks who are already playing the expansion pack, what do you think of the new features, changes, and enhancements?

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