07 April 2014

Mascot Character (F) Design : Character Profiling

Project JeForceX has been greatly inspired by what Culture Japan has done and the joy which their Mascot Character has brought to the hearts and minds of the people around the world. We have plans to design our very own mascot characters, both male and female, many years ago but did not have the resources to put our plans into actions.

Neither do we have our very own in-house illustrators, nor do we have excessive amounts of cold hard cash sitting idly by in our vaults waiting to be splurged on commissioning freelance illustrators to design characters for us. However, we have some things that money cannot buy, regardless of the amount, which are 'passion for J-Culture' and the 'drive to pick up new skills'.

We will learn how to create and design fictional characters through online resources and practicing with our own sweat and blood efforts. Should you be interested in creating and designing your very own fictional characters, you are most welcomed to join us in this learning journey of endless discoveries!

Image: Cover Image of Mascot Character (F) Design

Image: Flowchart of the Character Design Process

Shown above is a flowchart of the Character Design Process which we have compiled based on the knowledge, skills, and experiences acquired across our journey through life (which is still on-going of course, and we are not in the grave yet).

Designing a Mascot Character is not as simple as drawing a 'stick man' and calling it a job well done. There may be brands which have simple-looking mascot characters such as a box or ball with a face and limbs popping out of nowhere but that is not the design direction which we are looking towards.

The design direction which we are looking towards is to create full humanoid characters which folks can easily relate to as a friend, idol, or even as a imaginary 'waifu' (wife) or 'hasubando' (husband) for 'hikikomori' (shut-in) folks. ^^;

Image: Profile of the Mascot Character

The very first stage of creating fictional characters is to draft out their profiles. It is very important to know who your characters are, what they do in their occupations, where they live and work, when they gained self-consciousness (discovering their passion), why they became their current self, and how they behave in the living world.

The character's profile may closely resemble application forms which you have filled up many times before in your life and is the method which we use to profile and create new fictional characters from emptiness. We have intentionally censored the name of our planned female mascot character as it is still a work-in-progress and none of the details are final.

Our character design philosophy is that every character is a uniquely different individual with their very own set of background and preferences. There should never be two characters sharing the exact identical traits, and if there are, you might have created a duplicate of an existing character which you have already created somewhere else.

Moving Forward

Having drafted a character profile for our female mascot character, our next step is to sketch out some concept designs for the next stage and instalment of the Mascot Character (F) Design series of feature articles.

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